Mothers are precious- Happy Mother’s Day

Just saying. . .I enjoyed these quotes about Moms. . .Happy Mother’s Day, Claudia

Keep it alive


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Sweet mother

I remember

Your scent vaguely

Your face dimly

Yet in my heart

You’ll always stay

Forever young

Forever present

I am that mother

Always ready to impart wisdom

My daughters are wonderful moms

Yet they listen to my advice with patience

They may follow their own inclinations

But they do recognize that I’ve been a mother longer

Want to share – go to mom

Want to learn- go to mom

Want a hot meal- go to mom

Want a shoulder to cry on- go to mom

Want to have fun- go to mom

Mom is always there to give support

She can be whatever you need at the time


In response to;WQ #19: How Appropriate is Royal Purple for Mothers?, hosted by Marsha



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