Why Do the Things We Do

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What Day Is It?

Today is Saturday, May 13th , the one hundredth and thirty-third day of the year. We’ll be half way through 2023, on day one hundred and eighty-two; and there are forty-nine days until we reach that milestone, July 1st..

Why these snippets of information are important to me, I’m not sure. Never the less, every morning before getting out of bed, I mentally review the date, the day of the week and things I must do.

Does anyone else do this?

This morning, I smiled, grateful for no have to list. No doctor’s appointments, pick up this, return that, or stopping by. Which meant, no; where did I park the car, leave my cell, or oops, I left my credit card and bags in the car.

Why not head to the beach? Because, I can’t take the sun, the water’s still cold, and there are no lifeguards.

 Instead, we watched the movie The Summer of 42, on TCM, at 7am in the morning. Both of us had been awake since 5.

Why do I care about forty-nine days from now and the year being half gone? Well, we know time will start to fly after July 1st., and the holidays will be here and gone. Blink and it will be 2024, and we’ll all be another year older.

I have been working on my first novel for ten years, and have a zoom session with the editor/publisher and illustrator on Monday. There will be many must do lists in my future and hopefully some fun.

But I feel the days slipping away    

                                                                                      . . . just saying

P.S. Optomobility update; The eye doctor prescribed eye glasses with prisms to correct my walking cock-eyed. I’ve never heard of this cure. Have any one else?

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2 thoughts on “Why Do the Things We Do

  1. I do tell myself the day and date as a grounding exercise before my pre-arising physical exercises. Saves embarrassment later. And one of my friends has prism glasses.

    Apart from that, best of luck on your novel! That’s quite an accomplishment. You kinda just slipped it in among the prosaic stuff.



    • Glad to know there are two of us checking the calendar and Prosaic, what a great word! Thank you. I’m wondering what I’m getting into with the prisms. so many prisms need to be added, that there is no room for a corrective lens. Hope your friend is happy.


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