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About Me

     My husband, aka Mr. Wonderful, and I retired and moved to Florida from New Jersey in 2007.  One day driving to Altamonte Springs, and stopped at a traffic light beside a 1985 Ford truck, I became caught up in the world of Cheetah Girl, the driver. She wore a top ripped in the right places, serious fake nails and elaborate makeup. Her leather faced mom, a former woman of the jungle, sat next to her. Both were smoking.

It was a call to write, and I have practiced since.

Blogging is fun and a way to go public with my efforts. Your comments can help navigate my journey on the winding road of aging.

I post weekly, an average of 500 words of a bit of this and a bit of that.

  •        Something funny or LOL Laugh Out Loud 
  •        Something new I’ve learned 
  •        Something about travel, might even be a day trip in Florida 
  •        Something about health, I have Type I Diabetes and use an insulin pump. 
  •        Something about Woman’s issues   


Education, Professional, Published  

  •        BS Degree in Education State University College at Oneonta, New York 
  •        MS Degree Lehman College Bronx, New York  
  •        Worked in Sales and Education
  •         Published  Florida Writers Association, “ Let’s Talk” Anthology Volume Three- 2011
  •         Published in Florida Writers “My Wheels” Anthology Volume Four- 2012

38 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Claudia, I have camped out here for a while and have decided to follow your take on the world around you. I really enjoy your wit and easy writing style.


  2. Girl, I got that last comment on my post about meeting up. Life is crazy, who knows? Maybe we’ll meet at one of those blog/writing conferences. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those. And my dad lives in south GA. You just never know!
    Where is this? It looks a lot like a boat I worked on in Israel in the Red Sea. Hell, maybe we’ve already crossed paths and just didn’t know one another. Wouldn’t that be something? I’m not giving up the blog yet…..we’re just moving.
    I’ll still be reading you. I just love this piece about the two women in the truck no matter how many times I read it. You really have a way with words.
    The baby is sending you kisses. OMG—she is SO cute.


  3. I see that you better balanced your About Page than my current version of my About Page, you revealed some information about yourself without revealing too much, well done Claudiajustsaying. 😉

    -John Jr


    • Thanks John, I decided to bring a little attitude to seriouslyjustsaying and not be so serious.

      My thoughts on your About Page, I expected one of the videos to be you talking about yourself, or that you would replace Leonardo and talk to Amy Adams, that would fun. There was too much going on and I spent about five minutes trying to find out about John. Could you write about yourself and embed/link the utube videos to your take of dreams? Hope this helps, Claudia

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are welcome, and thank you for giving me more feedback about my About Page Claudia. 🙂

        Back when I removed most of the information from my About Page it was pretty empty/lifeless/boring/et cetera and so I added the YouTube videos as a way to try to bring a bit of life/entertainment/mystery/et cetera back into my About Page by choosing some videos that somewhat went with each section and that somewhat represents certain things to me, and the others are meant to somewhat represent each of their sections.

        So the video under the About Page section is a video about how to make your own About Page, and so it is an educational video meant to help people learn to make their own About Page.

        The video under the Introduction To My Blog section is a video with a scene from the movie Inception with Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Ariadne (Ellen Paige) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Page) talking, not Amy Adams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Adams) but it would have been interesting to see Amy Adams in that role 😉 , and Dom Cobb is introducing Ariadne to Dream Sharing; and so it represents an introduction to my blog, which happens to be mostly a dream blog where I share some of my dreams. (It would have been funny and interesting if I could have replaced Dom Cobb in that scene :D)

        The video under the About Me section of Alice Morgan talking about the character John Luther from the BBC TV show Luther, which is named Who Is John Luther?, is the only video meant to somewhat represent a bit about me; and that is why it is under the About Me section.

        This quote/line and a few other things in the video somewhat represent things about me/my life:

        “He always seemed lost to me, peddling furiously just to keep afloat…” -Alice Morgan

        The video under the About My Blog section is a video of an opening scene from the movie The Science Of Sleep about how dreams are prepared and the character Stéphane Miroux starts to dream, and so it somewhat represents how my blog is about dreams.

        The video under the The End section is a video of a live outdoor performance of a song by Pauline Croze which simply ends the About Page with music.

        My About Page, like my blog is a constant work in progress, and so I have updated my About Page a bit since you last visited; and may/might consider if I want to keep those videos or not in the future. 😉

        Thank you for the feedback and support Claudia, and have a nice day. 🙂

        -John Jr


  4. One more thing Claudia, I am curious, could you list the exact type(s)/kind(s) of information that you think that I should add about myself to my About Page and/or the type of information that you want to see added?

    I usually try to stay more anonymous online, that is why I usually try to not share much information about myself (when I do share information about myself I sometimes share too much information, which is what I did with my old About Page that I deleted 😀 ), but I am possibly willing to share some more information in a more vague/censored way depending on the type of information of course. 😉

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    • A picture of yourself would cover a lot. It tells your style, age, gender, etc. A picture leads me to believe there is a real live person writing the blog. I like to see who I’m listening and talking to. I’m nosy and want to know about family and writing experience. If you’re uncomfortable with doing that than a picture of something, nature, sports, animals. claudia

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      • Thank you for answering that Claudia. 🙂

        I am and will be experimenting with various avatars/gravatars/images (instead of an actual photograph of me, I was going to use one of my photographs of me when I was a baby, but that seemed a bit weird (but I am willing to consider it again if you and others want me to) and so I am currently testing various avatar creators like Mad Men Yourself and The Great Gatsby Avatar Creator et cetera), and I also will probably be adding some or most of that information that you listed to my About Page for/in the next few days, week, weeks, et cetera. 😉

        -John Jr


  5. Just looking at the photo of you and your husband (Mr Wonderful) reminds me of myself and my boyfriend many many years ago. I entered him into a competition titled “Mr Wonderful” . We have been married for 32 years and I have since changed my perception of him LOL 🙂

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  6. I was on that same route a thousand times. I lived in Orlando and worked in Altamonte Springs. I had bleached blonde highlights and leathery skin. I don’t smoke, however, and have mostly recovered the leather skin.

    Wonderful writing. I’m sure we know people in common, though I’ve been in North Carolina for the last ten years.


  7. Hi Claudia, We met @ Lotus today, trying to get online. My husband & I also moved here in 2007 & I have mixed feelings about Florida. Looking forward to reading your blog.


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