What Are You Reading?

Nothing Like a Good Book

Have you read one lately?

Hello Beautiful by Ann Napotitan, promises to be a good read, and I’m on the wait list for a copy. I like to hold a book in my hands, although my library provides Hoopla free. But I can’t get rid of a split screen on my tablet. Consequently, I never use the damn thing.

The book is Oprah’s, 100th book selection. The milestone was announced on CBS Morning in April. Gayle King and Oprah interviewed the author and I was eager to read the book. I checked yesterday, and I’m #37 on the list.

In the meantime, I received Oprah’s quarterly magazine, The Beauty & Wisdom Issue, in the mail. You’ll want to keep, or pass along, the issue. Skin care as you age, healthy food choices, and finding beauty in your world are conversations.

Interviews with Jenna Lyon, a fashion mega-force; author Judy Bloom who turned 85 talks about aging and Ann Napotilan discusses her book and writing process.

All 100 selections are listed for readers to review,

And a reveal; Martha is now selling Skechers!

I’ve kept a list of novels I’ve read.  But when I study it, rarely remember the plot.

I like novels based in truth. There is truth, but, the author has embellished the facts for a more interesting read.

I’m surprised at what’s on the list, and how long it’s been since I kept track.

My last entry was November, 2018. The Reporter Who Knew Too Much by Mark Shaw. These are my notes; Fiction-Detailed investigation into Dorothy Kilgallin’s death/ way too much information. I didn’t finish reading the novel. It was not a page turner. Unlike Where the Crawdads Sing.

Dela Owens mastered embellishment in her novel. She is such a talented writer, I felt duped to learn the story is pure fiction, although. . .some of the science is factual. It was a riveting read, however I didn’t like the movie. Occasionally I read non-fiction. A Beautiful Mind, The Boys in the Boat and Unbroken. All three are great stories based in fact with footnotes and are great reads.

What are you reading and why?

                                                                                      . . . just saying

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I broke down and picked up Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead. She just received the Pulitzer for this. I can see why. It’s been a quality read for me all the way around, Claudia.


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