S is for Squandering & Spider Solitaire

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Aging & Attitude

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred is the number of minutes in a year. The point is driven home by the song, Seasons of Love, (known as 525,600 Minutes because of the lyrics), in the musical Rent.

Nobody has more time, and nobody has less. We cannot buy time or give our extra to a friend.

What we do with our time is personal, a matter of choice. Many believe successful people use their time wisely while others question their definition of success and the genius of workaholics who ultimately are lonely.

Regardless, I have squandered my time. Yes, squandered, frittered away days, weeks and the past month. I have nothing to show for it.

Well, I take that back. I have played 2153 games of Spider Solitaire, and won 793. My winning percentage is 39% and longest winning streak is 37, losing 47.

When I rant that I am throwing away my life playing a stupid game instead of writing, Mr. Wonderful responds, “You’re retired, it’s relaxing you must get some enjoyment from it if you keep playing.” Reminded of a quote, “There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want,” I threw a wet sponge at him.

I planned to write the next posts for The Alphabet Series before going on vacation but when I achieved 37 consecutive wins, believed I could do 40 and kept playing.  That is when things fell apart. Playing Spider Solitaire became a segue activity.  I soothed defeat with other mindless online pastimes and spent hours checking email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the price of airfare to Italy instead of writing.

Blink and it was vacation time and my only accomplishment was losing.

Mr. Wonderful’s advice “Don’t  worry, we’ll  be away  twenty-one days, you’ll break this addiction, if you insist on calling it that.”

I did well, no computer; no email, Facebook, Twitter or Spider Solitaire. We had a fabulous family vacation.

The first thing in the door returning, Spider Solitaire.

….just saying

10 thoughts on “S is for Squandering & Spider Solitaire

  1. My addiction is on-line Scrabble — me against the computer expert. So far I’ve won 2,758 times to his 1,542 times…so happy I’m not the only time Squanderer!


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