Out With the Old in With the New

The Days of My Life Series

Today is the 72nd day of the year. Can you believe it? My draft of this post was written on January 1st., with a commitment to post at least once a week. However life didn’t go as planned. It’s a mystery as to where and when I lost control. February flew by with little to show for it and is a blur. Perhaps it was the shower curtain rod that kept falling down in the guest bathroom, the bedroom wallpaper curling off the wall, or the bedroom shade that collapsed leaving us exposed. Duck tape failed to solve anything. Maybe because we frequently need a magic wand to get the automatic garage door open, or that I got COVID after being fully vaccinated, and I’m not going to mention other health related stuff that consumed my time and energy.

The original post is below. Welcome to the days of my life.

We all can agree 2022 was one heck of a year. Combine that with the previous pandemic years of hibernating, well. . .I want to break out and tidy-up. So, it is out with the old and in with the new.

First step was to get rid of and rearrange furniture. I listed a couch and wooden file cabinet on Nextdoor, moved the dining room table to the breakfast nook, and ordered a new dining room table.

Now we have a dance floor until its arrival.

The 20 plastic carriers hidden in the closet have been reduced to 10.

But what do you do with that stuff? Framed college diplomas, wedding and communion picture albums, football trophies, baby teeth and dried up leather baby shoes, a box of flower vases, that were never unpacked, etc. It is time to say goodbye.

And then there is the stuff I am not ready to say goodbye to.

Like the card below.

My friend Liz, made Bob’s 60th birthday card, fourteen years ago.

She and I have been friends since we were thirteen.

I can’t throw out a find that represents our lifelong friendship.

This treasure will go back in my closet.

                                                                                      . . . just saying . . .welcome to the days of my life

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8 thoughts on “Out With the Old in With the New

  1. That’s the trouble with trying to throw stuff out. You have to examine each item, then you wind up spending hours in rabbit holes and memories. Then you either squeeze your eyes shut and toss it, or you sigh and put it back in the box.


  2. Welcome back, Claudia! Always great to see and hear what is going on with you! Sorry about the COVID thing, I’ve heard that from other folks too, who were up to date on all their shots. Ugh… You are more ambitious than I am on the clearing out thing. We too have boxes we brought with us 16 years ago and have never unpacked. So you are an inspiration..


  3. Nook looks very sharp clean and tidy.

    Stuart F Meyer would be thankful for the flower vases, keep favorites. I’d be chuffed to have a look 😄. You always have quality items. If you list them, please let me know.

    Have the old leather baby shoes brass coated as I did for my Nikki’s birthday a few years back.

    Out with the Old and in with The New – less is best, agree, a yearly event here too.

    Good story.


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