No Regrets?

Charcuterie Board/Rome Italy

Regret, a normal human emotion, was the topic of conversation in a recent interview of Daniel H. Pink on the CBS Morning Show. His book The Power of Regret, encourages us to think differently about the feeling, and benefit from this response. Daniel said, the only people who don’t have regrets are kids under five and psychopaths. We ignore regret because we want to be positive and not live in the past. But if we treat regret as a signal, It can improve our lives.

Tony Dokoupil added, the expression No Regrets originated in goal setting and encouraged action to avoid failure.

Daniel suggested we look at the past in order to plan. Nate Burleson drew on previous NFL experience and identified, saying, win or lose the team always watched the game tape.

Gayle King’s questions clarified the difference between could and should regret. Could of regret, imply a missed opportunity with little hope of correction. While should of regret involve obligations and can frequently be fix. However, most regret involve inaction. Men are more likely to regret career choices. Women, family.

So, before we look ahead to 2023, we need to embrace any 2022 regret.

Personally, I have no regret for 2022. It was my year to travel and although the first venture didn’t go well and now referred to as The Vacation From Hell; I could have cancelled the trip to Barcelona, but didn’t.

The pictures below are of my daughter, Janine and sisters, Martha and Mariellen. We laughed our way through Barcelona; Saint-Tropes, Cannes, and Nice France. Our final destination, Rome, Italy. Where we had Happy Hour at the Vatican and visited the Sistine Chapel.

                                                                                      . . . just saying, Happy New Year 2023

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