Christmas 2022

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Christmas 2022 Poem

The Day After Christmas

It was the day after Christmas the presents unwrapped. The plants nestled and covered. . . taking a nap.

We stayed in pajamas relieved only three gifts go back,

Then what to my wondering ears did I hear, “didsomeonejustshout?”

Confused, I responded, “what are you talking about?”

Bob repeated, “didsomeonejustshout?”

I hollered back.

To which he exclaimed, “WEDNESDAY…THE…GARBAGE…GOES OUT”

Merry Christmas to all!

 Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year

. . .Claudia just saying.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas 2022

  1. I love those NY Pajamas that your hubby is wearing!! Very Fashonable for 2023. But he should take the trash out in that outfit! The collectors would be extremely happy to see a man of great stature.
    Bring on the New Year. Love you guys

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