No Worries Hurricane Ian

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Please don’t think I’m being cavalier with the title. Tampa, the West Coast, and Central Florida will be impacted. Thankfully they are preparing and ready to evacuate. We live on the east coast of Florida, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, in new construction. Our outside walls are cinder block. The house has few windows. Building codes do not permit windows (tiny panes of glass) on garage doors.

We won’t evacuate, there isn’t any safer place within driving distance.

We will probably loose electricity and not able to cook the food that is defrosting in the freezer and refrigerator. I’ll freeze 16 oz bottles of water then put them in the refrigerator so things don’t rot, if we do. 

We will need flashlights and candles to see after 7pm and the toilets will not flush. I’ll be prepared by filling up the bathtub with water ahead of time. One bucket of water will flush things down.  

We won’t open the windows. The air inside will be cooler than outside despite no air conditioning.

All outdoor and furniture will be brought indoors. Last time our living area resembled a hotel lobby with seating for twenty-four.

I believe we’ll be okay and pray the rest of Florida and the surrounding states will be as well.

. . . just saying

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7 thoughts on “No Worries Hurricane Ian

  1. Thanks Claudia, your article gives me something to forward to northern folks who wonder what we do to cope. Blessings to you and your family.

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  2. Oh Claudia. This is so outside my realm that I can’t imagine how one deals with the threat of a hurricane.I do hope that all your plans are put in place now and that you are safe from the raging storm. That photograph absolutely stopped me in my tracks. We have a temperate climate here and while we have occasional raging wind storms, they come nowhere near hurricanes. Take care and stay safe


    • We are safe and only incurred minor tree damage. We were without power for 24 hours. All our electrical, cable, etc and underground. The west coast was had hit with flooding and water damage. Thank you for your concern. Claudia


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