What’s In Your Future?

Photo by Maksym Tymchyk on Pexels.com

A Tiny House

I’ve heard (can’t remember where or by whom), that the trouble with aging is we think more about the past, worry about the present, and think little of the future. At my age, seventy-four, even in the best of health, the next ten to twenty years will be entirely different than the past twenty. It’s a different time in my life and I can be grumpy and mad, or think about the future.

Recently my horoscope said, “You have to go to where the light is.”

I live in Florida. There is plenty of light and wear sunglasses to take out the garbage.

The advice, by Holiday Mathis, who writes the syndicated daily horoscope column for hundreds of newspapers, is the author of several books, and a multi-platinum songwriter (her songs have been recorded by Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts and others), made sense.

References to moving into the light, implies embracing spirituality.

Perhaps I should attend church more.

Moving into the light suggest death or afterlife.

I’m not ready to die, but. . . maybe I need to avoid route 95 and look 20, instead of 10 times, before backing out of a parking space.

Although. . . It could mean; avoid negativity and surround myself with bright cheery people, places and things.

If I close my eyes and dream about the future, what do I see? A tiny house with lots of windows and a river view. The above picture doesn’t truly capture the picture in my head. I’m thinking more like this.

. . . just saying

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7 thoughts on “What’s In Your Future?

  1. When I consider that the future is eternal, I can focus on the right now; to enjoy its joys or endure its hardships. What lies ahead in heaven is immeasurably greater than anything in my past. A tiny house with lost of windows sounds like a great place to live out one’s remaining years. And there’d be a lot less to clean.


  2. I look at that ladder to my bed and think if I’m up there, I might not make it down to the lower level! But love the windows and water outside as it is a constant source of beauty and movement. I know because I live on the water and don’t know how I would ever be able to give it up…

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