Big Feelings

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Big Feelings

People are angry. They are worried, anxious, nervous, and disappointed, all in public.

New statistics show a rapid rise in plane rage incidences. In a typical year, the FAA sees anywhere from 100 to 150 cases – only a fraction of those since this February, a reported 1,300 cases.

“These incidents have stemmed both from passengers’ refusal to wear masks and from recent violence at the U.S. capitol,” said the FAA.

Gayle King quoted more alarming numbers; a jump from 300 cases to 4,000 on CBS This Morning Show and didn’t place blame, but pleaded with viewers to treat the Flight Attendant with respect.

It’s not fake news, violence has become a frequent response to discontent, regardless of the source.

In France, fans threw objects at soccer players; the situation escalated. Players and fans clashed resulting in cancellation of the game.

Factor in the debate over wearing protective face masks in schools . . . well, Chicken Little might be right. The sky appears to be falling.

In CBS This Morning interview, Grover and Dr. Rosemarie T. Truglio, Senior Vice President of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop, said, “It’s because we have big feelings.”

They were talking about children, however, agreed the approach can be applied to all human beings.

“Children don’t have words to identify their feelings,” said Dr. Truglio.  

Grover spoke about Headspace, a free app program for children and gave the following suggestions.

  • Deep Belly Breathes
  • Monster Meditation
  • Slow Down and Count to Four

“Well, I have big feeling, too. Dr. Truglio.

I’m having trouble finding the words to express them, and deep breathing is not helping.” I yelled at the television.

Dr. Truglio didn’t respond.

So, I screamed, “And counting to four sucks!”

“You’re the adult, try counting to ten!” she yelled back.

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4 thoughts on “Big Feelings

  1. I think it takes me to 20! Good advice to children though. Another would be, ask adults to act as adults.

    Keep writing Claudia. We love you!



  2. Big feelings are fine. Being a grown up is (or at least used to be) primarily about learning control, and the things we are seeing is people who should be able to control themselves deliberately choosing not to, or even hamming up a fake rage. They are getting attention for it: the media is playing their rage clips; they get YouTube views and likes. It would help all of us if the media could do some glorification of self-control. The difficulty is that it makes less dramatic viewing.

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