Errands, Errants or Creative Excursions



The other day after announcing I was going out to get a few things, my husband inquired, “Where are you going?” I drew upon my friend Claire’s wisdom and answered, “To do some errands,” and was out the door before he could ask, “When will you be back? Did you make a list?”

His questions were simple, and deserved simple answers, however, it seemed tedious to explain; I was going to deposit empty egg cartons and a wad of plastic bags in Publix Market’s recycling bin, then instead of having a colonoscopy was dropping a stool sample off at the lab, swinging by the hospital to leave dated issues of Southern Living Magazine in a waiting room and probably get gas, to which he would have responded, “You can’t get gas at the hospital.” 

A discussion as to why I was not discarding Styrofoam cartons, plastic and old magazines in our recycling, and why not have a colonoscopy, it had been ten years, would have been lengthy, and besides he would predict I would be back in an hour, leading to another explanation as to why that was not necessarily so. That would lead to a discussion of the differences between us, and how we manage to stay married, neither one of us knows.

Eventually, it would have come out that I might possibly check out the Hospital Gift Shop because you never know; get coffee, and walk on the beach, or stop at an antique store, a small table would be nice in the guest room. I was not just going out to do errands.

Which got me thinking about the difference in errand and errant; an errand is a task, duty, chore or job; a short trip somewhere to do something on behalf of somebody else and an errant is wandering from an intended course, not reaching an intended destination, looking for adventure; wayward, sinful, naughty, misbehaving, delinquent.

Therefore, the difference in errand and errant is bigger than d or t and in the hope of maintaining a happy marriage, now will be called a creative excursion because although my going out is task orientated I an still looking for adventure.

. . . . just saying

17 thoughts on “Errands, Errants or Creative Excursions

  1. How wonderful to see all this out of one trip! You had me smiling the whole way. I’m trying to think how much “errant” I might have in me. Not as good at that as you are, I don’t think. Maybe I should think about developing that a bit…


  2. I talked to your friend and my WIFE Claire after reading your article. I am so glad you explained what was meant by the word errands as you scoot out the door and never tell us husbands what is meant by ERRANDS!! She never tells me a thing except “ you may get a bill for $$$$ !! Errand they call it!! Oh my!!!!
    But Claudia, thank you for teaching me the ropes! We will be married 50 yrs in August and I am just catching on!! Maybe if Mr. Wonderful reads your article, he will be like me still trying to figure out who wears the pants in the family!! Nice article BOSS.

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      • Tell Mr. Wonderful that we need to (men) communicate when we learn what errand was done on the day you scoot out the door! Maybe like go have a beer and discuss “Women”. We will never figure you all out!! We just need to learn to say “ Have Fun”


  3. Very clever Girlfriend! And so true. Bill always asks where I’m going and I always respond “errands”. Indeed, I am probably going to the grocery store but then I may “wander” to check out a new gift shop or what’s new at DSW,etc.! Of course, the fact that this qualifies as adventure in my life is a little pathetic. I guess it’s just another wonderful part of aging!

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