Take The D Train

The D Train is part of the New York City Subway System and runs from Coney Island in Brooklyn to 205th Street in the Bronx. When my friend and I discussed a meeting place The Bronx Botanical Gardens was ideal, there was an Orchid Exhibition. The pictures below show the beautiful flowers and perfect sunny day we enjoyed. We decide, she would drive in from New Jersey. I was visiting my daughter in Brooklyn and would take the D Train.

It was a ride down memory lane for me; I was born in the Bronx.


There are five boroughs comprising New York City; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx. Jerry Seinfeld uses humor to emphasize the mystery of why The Bronx is the only borough with that prefix, and the truth is no one knows, you simply say, The Bronx.

20160311_112654My Friend, Betsy

I was born in The Bronx,  moved to Long Island at a young age, and spent my teenage years in Hensonville, New York, but returned as a newlywed to a fifth floor walk-up apartment across the street from where I was born, on Hull Avenue in The Bronx.


I miss The Bronx.


The D Train leaves Brooklyn by crossing the East River via the Manhattan bridge; travels along Sixth Ave on the east side of Central Park stops at 59th Street and Columbus Circle, next stop Harlem at 125th Street, and down the Grand Concourse; Yankee Stadium at 161st, Kingsbridge Avenue, then Fordham Road, next to the last stop 203rd  is on the Concourse, then the train crosses Bedford Park to the final stop; 205th & Bainbridge Avenue. It is a short walk from there to the entrance to the Botanical Gardens.


Bainbridge Avenue is  where my grandmother lived and when visiting her we would take the D Train to Radio City Music Hall wearing a green winter coat with a black velvet collar, a white fur rabbit muff to keep my hands warm and Mary Jane shoes.


My Aunt lived at 3042 Grand Concourse the 203rd Street stop. The street was Grand not only for its size ( four lanes with a divide) but for its elegance. Aunt Carol had a Baby Grand Piano in her apartment. We traveled down town to Broadway Theatre Shows wearing cardigan sweaters and white kid gloves. Now the Concourse is not so grand with bedding hanging out apartment windows, I  guess to dry.


I  miss The Bronx and wearing mini- skirts to work at the Plaza Hotel, before Trump owned the landmark hotel. The year was 1968 and I took the D Train to 59th Street then walked five blocks to the Plaza to work as a file clerk, earning sixty dollars a week. Subway tokens were twenty cents each. On pay day, I would buy a roll of ten and save the rest to return to college, which I did after purchasing a gold crepe blouse and matching bell bottom pants at Alexander’s on Fordham Road.


I still miss The Bronx and our fifth floor walk-up apartment. We took our kids on the D Train to Radio City Music Hall, the Bronx Zoo every Tuesday, the free day and of course a Sunday walk through the Botanical Gardens.

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23 thoughts on “Take The D Train

  1. Hi Claudia, Not sure if you remember me from book club before you moved to your ocean condo. I read most of your posts, but this one brought back memories for me also. I never lived in The Bronx, but my aunt (who had no children) lived in The Bronx with her husband and I would visit her frequently in the summer. She lived in a brownstone just outside of Fordham University gates. Now they are dorms for the students. My grandson was actually invited to a party in one of the brownstones when he was college age. Small world. My aunt took me to The Bronx Zoo and the Botanical gardens on practically every visit. We also took a bus to Fordham Rd to go to the bakery, take in a movie, etc. She also took me on the subway which I thought was great when I was a kid. Your post brought back all those many visits with my aunt. Thank you! Betty Doherty

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    • Betty,
      I do remember you for your kind support and my grandmother was a Doherty, Miriam. So you have a name I can’t forget. Thanks for taking the trip down memory lane with me. We moved back to Halifax, Claudia

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  2. Oh, Claudia, I could just picture it all! I’ve just been in NYC twice, both times as a wide-eyed teenager (long, long ago!). I felt the magic then, and you’ve recaptured it for me today. I could feel your spirit flowing freely, and not just with nostalgia for the past, but also the richness of your story intertwined with this iconic city. It is lovely indeed! And your photography is sublime!!

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  3. Claudia,
    The orchids are beautiful they always have such happy faces.
    Last year with my garden club I made my first visit to the Botanical Gardens to see the Georgia O’Keffe exhibition, what a wonderful oasis in the middle the Bronx!

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  4. Claudia,
    Two beautiful memories! Our day in the Bronx and your life “BN” (before Newton). The wonderful detail of your memory makes for some great reading. My memory is more of the vague type-bits and pieces but no details. This is another thing I COULD get worried about but it’s against my 2019 resolution to maintain a positive attitude no matter what!

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