Welcome to the ’70s


Welcome to the seventies, not as in 1970, as in this year I will be seventy, and please do not attempt to console me by saying the seventies are the new fifties or sixties, because I have to de-stiff-i-tize when I stand and cannot move my thumbs.

De-stiff-i-tize? You know what I am talking about. It occurs upon rising from a sitting position and can barely stand, you moan and somehow crunch your back and neck into a marginalized upright position. Dining in public restaurants I have observed others replace the moan with an inconsequential laugh, grab the back of a chair then straightening.

Seriously, I cannot move my thumb, and now question what the seventies will be like, every day there is a different challenge, last week it was a hip, this week hands. Therefore, I took to vigorous hand exercises, which resulted in trigger thumb.

Surely, you do not want to hear the full medical prognosis, or perhaps you do, however I swore health would not be the topic of every conversation and yet it is.

Thinking I can nip this in the bud by glimpsing into successful seventy-year-old lives I have started watching “Grace and Frankie,” a Netflix comedy and it is a hoot! Perhaps laughter is the best medicine.

Grace, played by Jane Fonda and Frankie, played by Lilly Tomlin live together after their husbands, gay lovers secretly for the past twenty years, announce they want divorces.

Jane Fonda an eighty year old in real life, pays the part of a younger woman, Grace who is in her seventies and yes, we all wish we look as good as Jane Fonda does at any age and of course the place they are forced to live in is a beautiful beach front house. Actor Martin Sheen plays Robert,  Grace’s ex and Sam Waterson, Saul, Frankie’s.

The plot is fast pace, the cast constantly moves, and there is no on camara de-stiff-i-tizing, although Martin Sheen’s movement getting out of bed, reminds me of how the president got into his suit jacket in West Wing and wondering if his elbows ever could bend.

After falling neither Grace or Frankie can get up and crawl to a phone resulting in their children purchasing First Alert devices for them and Jane Fonda, Grace, smashing hers with her high heel.

My kind of woman, she plans on getting older but never old.

.  .  .  . just saying



10 thoughts on “Welcome to the ’70s

  1. Maybe those of us with old bones should have a me too movement,,,,, or can’t move movement. Which ever shoe fits. Love the blog, your the best!

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  2. Claudia – Cor-toe-zone- Normally known as Cortizone shots – every four months until your Dr. won’t do it anymore.. I figure two good years of shots, you’ll be 72, feeling good, then it’s over with that Dr.. Then you find a new one and extend it 2 more years- By that time you will be 74 and almost as old as Jane Fonda.. If she’s still around, then you can buy her book.. You’re tough.. Just have Mr. wonderful come back in the bedroom when you get up in the morning and like the chambermaids of Queen Victoria, let him roll you out of bed, sweep you up in his arms (Because he’s younger) and he can and put you in a soothing warm water bathtub full of Epson Salts.. Now after reading this, don’t you feel better already??
    By the way, I recommend you get a first alert alarm button too….
    Thumbs up to you Claudia, but with that, I think president, that’s all Donald T does every time he sees people.. Forget the thumbs up!!


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