Next Door Neighbors

american-gothic-grant-wood-art-institute-of-chicago-244I keep thinking today is Thursday and it is only 6:30 in the morning. I started thinking today was Thursday in the middle of the night, do not know why because yesterday definitely felt like Tuesday which it was, consequently I should have a feeling today is Wednesday but do not. However, what difference does it make if today is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? I am retired!

Nevertheless, I am happy today is Wednesday, not Thursday, because that gives me an extra day between Wednesday and Friday which I need since I opened my big mouth and invited the neighbors over because, although everyone appears to be happy standing in driveways with the sun beating down on our heads pretending not to sweat while we chat, I envision something else.

Well actually, what happened is Mr. Wonderful* came back from getting the mail and announced that the Smith’s house was for sale. Surprised, I asked where were they moving to, his response  “No one is moving “Mary died, that’s why all the cars were parked there last week.”

Stunned I expressed how terrible it is we did not know, and asked about her husband and if he will move closer to family, Mr. Wonderful said, “No her husband died six months ago.”

When we moved here, I joined Nextdoor ,  a private social network that will help find your dog or a plumber so I would be in the know but could not remember my password and instead started knocking on doors.

So we are getting together in two days.

There really is not much to do, neighbors said they would bring what they like to drink and a dish to pass but I need to dust and make sure the toilet is flushing properly which it started not doing the day before yesterday. I need to find that password.

In the mean time bits and pieces from a Chinese passage about neighbors and community are creeping into my head, and search online to find this;

Let there be a small country with a few people

Though neighboring communities overlook one another and the crowing of cocks and barking dogs can be heard

Yet the people there may grow old and die without ever visiting one another

Oh, now I remember what difference it makes if today is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; Wednesday morning the trash gets picked up.

                               .  .  .  .  Just saying

Painting by Grant Wood

*Mr. Wonderful is my husband of 47 years





Grant Wood Pitch Fork

8 thoughts on “Next Door Neighbors

  1. Claudia, Good morning / afternoon neighbor.. You forgot Saturday.. Why?? Did you forget that Saturday is the most precious time of the week, I get to talk to Mr. Wonderful.. Dinner at the Club !! Thursdays and Sunday nights our sprinklers go on automatically so that reminds me to put out Trash on Wednesday also.. Thursdsays are difficult, I forget to put out the cuttings from the trees and bushes on Wednesday night.. It’s just that there are so many different days- I wish there was one special day for all of those.
    Like “JUSTANOTHERDAY”.. Which would come after Sunday, I think… It would be so simple to remember things.. By the way, I have not passed away, see you on ??? can’t remember.. Oh gosh, I can’t remember what day it is.. So many to remember..
    Maybe I can meet Mr. Wonderful at the mailbox.. What’s he look like?? What day ??

    Marshall (Goodday)


  2. Yup! I’ve concluded that since I don’t have a dog(s) to walk and I do my exercising in the gym instead of jogging the “hood” or riding my bike, my neighbors remain a mystery. Just found out the house next to me and directly across the street have been sold! Who knew?? Perhaps I should start walking around the block a little and pay a little more attention before hitting the garage door clicker to enter directly into my home!

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  3. It’s surprising how nice your neighbors are once you get to know them..thank you Claudia for that!
    My husband always said everyday is Saturday when you are retired but life still goes on everyday of the week their are always things to do on certain days even when you are retired!

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