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Aging & Attitude

Mr. Wonderful* put down the newspaper, returned his glasses to the soft fabric case and sighed.

I asked, “What are you thinking?”

He responded, “Nothing, I’m thinking about nothing” and left the room to pee.

His matter of fact statement got me thinking.

My first thought, Is that possible? My second, would he be considered brain dead? My first and second thoughts were followed by third and fourth thoughts that I would rather not share.

Not that the first thought was better than the second thought, or third, or fourth, but, the first, stimulated more thought.  I could not stop thinking.

When he returned I inquired, “Is it really possible to think about nothing?”

He said, “Anything is possible, ” then turned on the television.

I was impressed. His one and only thought ended in no more thought, However I kept thinking;

  • 1st Thought          Was he always a one-thought thinker or is this a sign of aging?
  • 2nd Thought        If you have only one thought do you assume it is the right thought?
  • 3rd  Thought        Does a first thought carry more weight than following thoughts?
  • 4th  Thought        How does one acquire the confidence to have only one thought?


My thoughts turned to President Trump and  wondering whether he is a one-thought thinker. My first thought, he tweets like one. My second, third and fourth thoughts, well I would rather not share.

. . . . just saying

Do You Tweet?

*Mr. Wonderful is my husband of forty-six years, Bob.


9 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

  1. About Trump, I agree with you to a point…you lose me when you identify any of his tweets as being the result of a thought…(even a first thought). The man appears to be incapable of cognition. Those tweets come from random impulses his fingers make on his phone.


  2. Claudia, Don’t you understand, it’s so simple, Mr. Wonderfuls first thought was to PEE.. He had no other thoughts than getting to the bathroom for relief.. All of us guys have that thought quite often at our age- We don’t pass it on to you, we head to the john boy!! Our thoughts are on the first thought.. If we meander into the second, third, or forth thought, we may pee our pants.. I now see that womens thoughts are a lot different than ours.. When Mr. Wonderful was done with his first thought, he returned to his second thought – GOLF and of course, he was satisfied in more ways than one.. Now he is happy with #2… I think… As far as TRUMP is concerned.. I have no thoughts on that person!!

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