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Ridiculous, this is ridiculous; I am telling myself, stressed about baking chocolate chips cookies.

Really! Chocolate chip cookies! Have you eaten a home-baked chocolate chip cookie that was not delicious?

I am on a mission to bake my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies and disappointed with the results.

Granny B’s cookies were more like a brownie, square in size , not chewy or gooey, just the right amount of crunch. As you can tell from the picture; not flat or crispy.


The struggle for perfection is ridiculous, absolutely positively ridiculous.

My children, who I will be bringing them to, remember the cookies, but not the way I remember them; a special treat that accompanied a special woman wherever she went.

Remember special treats for special days. Some of us even enjoyed weekly special treats.

Ours was eating pizza in front of the television on Friday night. Pizza was tomato paste on English muffins with American cheese criss-crossed on the top. The television show was Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip. We snapped our fingers and mouthed the words to the signature song. Then mesmerized by Kooky combing his hair, and prayed he would lend me his comb.

No really, I am being ridiculous. The cookies I baked are practically almost exactly like hers.

I never watched her bake them, but asked for the recipe once. Her response was she followed the recipe on the back of Toll House package but added one teaspoon more water. In later years I pondered and pondered how an insignificant addition to a cookie recipe could produce nirvana , then recalled Granny B baked with Crisco.

Remember the movie, “The Help,” when Minny says to Celia, “The greatest invention since they put mayonnaise in a jar. You have a squeaky door hinge, Crisco. Bags under your eyes, gum in your hair, Crisco”?

I examined the Crisco can, and sure enough, when substituting Crisco for butter add one teaspoon  water.

Now the recipe is just right. Well not exactly, the taste is delicious. That is not the problem.  

The problem? The cookies are too thick and a tad too light in color.  

I get it, I am being ridiculous.

I have tried a 9 by 13 pan, too thick, and 15 by 10, too thin. One is too small; the other too big. It is possible a 9.5 by 14 pan will be just right. Unless I am being ridiculous.

. . . . just saying

12 thoughts on “Ridiculousness

  1. For us it was having a bowl of popcorn, with melted butter, on the floor in front of the TV. Mom would spread out newspapers for us to sit on so we wouldn’t get popcorn grease on the rug (newsprint must have been different in those days!) Thanks for taking me back!


  2. I’d say those cookies were love, never could be wrong as long as you remember grandma as you made them….never to be forgotten…..I hope I have given my kids one memory that they repeat after I’m gone……


  3. We most likely had ice and laid across big pillows on the floor. Much like the dog, we weren’t allowed up on the couch. At grandma’s, it was her Scottish, lemon pudding and Lawrence Welk.


  4. Mrs. Wonderful, It would be a lot easier sending Mr. Wonderful to Publix and have him buy two (2) boxes of Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, bring them home, put them in the heated oven for one (1) MINUTE, pull them out, serve them like you made them and it will only cost you ( Buy one get one free) for one box.. Problem solved.. Then say, Mr. Wonderful baked them and let him take all the credit.. Then you can say, I wish Granny B would have known about Mr. Wonderfuls ability to make CC Cookies..

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