Moving Soon


   We will be moving soon, back to Halifax Plantation; the community we first retired to in 2007. We have been living in Shangri-La, aka a villa apartment, where we have access to several pools and the beach is a three-minute walk. I can meander up to the lobby for afternoon coffee and bring back a free copy of USA Today. The flowers are switched out after several months and housekeeping sweeps outside our door. We are definitely spoiled.

   I am conflicted about moving. I like living in a smaller place and having zero outside chores. On the plus side we will have neighbors and space for entertaining.

   However, Mr. Wonderful* is thrilled. He will have a garage, be able to wash the car and kibitz with his golf buddies.

   As I reread what I am writing, I realize what a charmed life we have. Yes, our first years in retirement were consumed by Bob’s symptoms of pancreatic cancer, but he survived, very few do. He has no pancreas. I have been diabetic for thirty years and use an insulin pump, now we are both insulin dependent diabetics. It makes for some humorous situations.

   Life is good. He has all of his hair and teeth, and I have most of my hair and all of my teeth. We both can get out of a chair unassisted.

. . . just saying

*Mr. Wonderful is my husband of forty-three years

8 thoughts on “Moving Soon

  1. I have all my hair (tho’ never full and luxurious) and not much gray even but I recently lost my first tooth other than the wisdom teeth that were routinely extracted when I was a teenager (like tonsils).With so many years in the dental profession this was somewhat distressing but when it was extracted (after a root canal) I was at least absolved of any wrong doing or neglect when it was discovered that the tooth had a longitudenal fracture from the crown to the apex which is one of the few untreatable situations in dentistry. It truly IS amazing about Bob as I’ve never heard of ANYONE who survived pancreatic cancer. Glad things are good for you guys.

    Not sure exactly why you are moving but happy new year.

    I am putting my place on the market sometime in the spring but I have still lots to do. Wish me good fortune and blessings beyond my expectations.



  2. Hi Claudia – I know it’s beautiful where you are currently especially being so close to the ocean, but it will be nice to have you back at Halifax. Maybe your Mr. Wonderful will meet mine on the golf course. Do you play golf? Betty Doherty

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