“What Is Next?”


Aging & Attitude

   A reader inquired, “What’s after Z is for Zigzaggery?” It is a good question.

   The end of the Alphabet Series is an opportunity to take inventory and give “What’s next?” some thought.

   My first post, “Overactive What?” was published in October of 2011. Rereading the piece, I saw room for improvement but laughed. I have picked out some of my favorites: “GPS and Your Hippocampus”, and “We Fallen and Can’t Get Up”. You can find past posts under archives, if you click on a date. Please tell me your favorites.

   I started claudiajustsaying to acquire writing expertise, and planned to post every day, but quickly learned writing well was not easy. Writing is hard work and excruciating if you lose creativity. My challenge? I edit, or rewrite as I write, so it is a slow process and placing a comma a lengthy proposition. Reader comments and encouragement keep pushing me to transform a feeling experience to words.

   During the past two years, I have published ninety-five posts and acquired decent writing skills. To date I have 524 followers, views from over 83 countries, and was Freshly Pressed in August of 2012. Freshly Pressed is similar to being chosen prom queen; your post is featured on the Word Press Home Page. The results, over 1200 views, 97 comments and 87 likes on that day.

   What is next? Well . . . a return to my roots, or using personal experience to inspire a post, for example; getting dressed takes me forever. Because? I constantly put my bra on inside out, then wonder if other women struggle with this faux pas.  No one really wants to hear about my underwear, however the thought gnaws in my head.

 . . . . just saying

   P.S. I look forward to your comments and remember you can comment anonymously if you feel shy. Please click the like button if you enjoyed the post. Likes increase a bloggers status.


12 thoughts on ““What Is Next?”

  1. Only you Claudia can make us smile at ourselves. Bras on backwards, panties inside out, pantyhose or nothing, where to hide these freckles, are my roots showing….it goes on and on and on.. And who talks about whether to wear panties under pantyhose? Oh, my mother could answer in a second. I am sixty six, who really cares? I am glad to be here and laugh with you, girlfriend.

    🌺 Kathe



  2. I don’t put my bra on inside out but I do put it on backwards and then turn it around … I can’t understand why anyone would struggle to reach around the back to fasten it! I have read and enjoyed some of your other posts – you have a fun way of looking at things. Just sayin’ 🙂


  3. Claudia, I am just glad to hear that you are continuing! When I first read “what’s next?” I was afraid that you were saying it was all too hard and time consuming. I enjoy your posts even when I don’t have time to comment. I loved the one about “bored on the 4th of July” and the one where you saw a young woman who reminded you of yourself at that age, you introduced yourself to her and had quite a conversation. Re: bras, the answer came back in the 70s when women were burning them. I tell my friends “I gave my bra up for Lent and never went back.:” That was 40+ years ago and I have never missed it! (No one has noticed either.) I have saved thousands of dollars and headaches. Looking forward to your future posts. Chris V


    • Dear faithfull reader Chris, Thanks for your encouragement and kind words. Bored on the 4th really happened but Minutiae didn’t. It grew out of my attachment to clothes I did donate. About the bra, lucky you.. . .just saying, Claudia


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