C is for Curmudgeon


New Thoughts On Words

C is for Curmudgeon

Cranky, cross, and Cantankerous


It’s someone else’s fault

Is being a Curmudgeon a choice, or about loss?

Crappy, critical and uncompromising

Like a Republican who is sore

Callous, cautious, careful

A Curmudgeon ruminates the same thought

Perhaps their hippocampus is shrinking, their dreams forgotten, or tossed

Left alone to commiserate

A connoisseur without a cause

Realizes a critical point

Dick Chaney could be their new boss

A special thanks to my friend Mary for suggesting the word Curmudgeon and to Michael Ray King for encouraging writers to write poetry.

17 thoughts on “C is for Curmudgeon

  1. Claudia, I really like this one, since curmudgeons abound in today’s world. I wrote an article about fifteen years ago about curmudgeons, entitled “Old Folks.” I’d be happy to forward a copy of it to you if you’ll supply me your email address. Otherwise, I can reference you back to the date I posted it on my blog on 21 September 2011. The link to my blog is observingthescene.wordpress.com. I’d be pleased if you’d look it over and see if this fits your description and impressions of curmudgeons. Again, thanks for this post!


  2. I like that word. Doesn’t it sound like it should be a name for something growing in the ocean. So your next post is going to be a d word. The first word that comes to mind for me is doldrums….maybe because it’s still winter.


  3. When we first moved to Florida, our new neighbor shot us death-looks at every opportunity. We had the misfortune of buying his best friend’s house, who left him flat and moved back to VA. At first, I shot him death-looks right back. But gradually, he forgave us for existing, and we bacame friendly. When we sold, I wondered if the new people got the same treatment. Miss you, Wally.


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