Why Are We Here?


Rain in a Glass

“Freshly Squeezed” – London, England – Sarah Ann Wright – Featured Photographer

Aging & Attitude

   Why are we here? I ponder aloud, to which Mr. Wonderful retorts, “Because we are,” and leaves the room to watch the Rose Bowl. I am thinking more Palm Coast. Why are we living in Palm Coast, Florida, when our son and his family live in Albuquerque and our daughter in New York City.

His answer, “Because we are,” triggers a philosophical thought that fails to make a connection, perhaps it is Kierkegaard? It cannot be Descartes, “the Father of Modern Philosophy,” must be someone more obscure.

Descartes’s statement, “Cogito, ergo sum;” “I think, therefore I am.” rings in my head. He advocated dualism, the mind’s power over body and strength; defined as overcoming human weakness by relying on the infinite power of the human mind. Which leads me to Deepak Chopera and belief in mind/body spiritual healing or the concept that thought effectives body. Include Andrew Weil with these men.

How did I get so far away from where I was headed? And John Boehner is somewhere in the middle. His philosophy regarding why we are here? Winning! We are here, to win.

Kim Kardashian believes, for sure, she is here to shop, while Hilary’s purpose is world peace.

Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle thought the meaning of life was found in the pursuit of knowledge and the path there, learning and questioning. Socrates partnered philosophy with politics and proclaimed politicians be the wisest of men and have good morals. Plato believed all humans duty bound to pursue good. His apprentice, Aristotle, went further striving not only to study virtue, but be virtuous.

Stoicism, Skepticism, and Epicureans, schools of thought derived from their teachings, offer paths to happiness. The Stoics by living in moderation and finding inner peace,”the world is what you make it”.  Skeptics by putting everything in the hands of the Gods, “Let go and let God” and Epicureans purport not wanting anything to avoid displeasure, similar to Taoism, or “just have fun.”

A search on-line reveals other zigzag pursuits.

   Greta Christina suggests we make the dilemma more general and include everything, “Why is anything here?” Decide first if you believe in God, then search for the answer.

   Existenz contemplates the same question, but follows a scientific path or “the Big Bang” theory” to discover the answer. He talks about the ninety-two types of naturally occurring atoms, the billions of different combinations and the forming chemical components that underlie everything living and non living, including the most complex, human beings. It is a mystery.

So why are we here? Because we sold our house and it is a three-minute walk to the ocean, or as Mr. Wonderful  proclaimed, because we are.

                                                                  ….just saying

*Mr Wonderful is my husband of forty-one years