Blursday A New Weekday


Blursday . . .

Well, we survived 2020 and the holiday season has ended. So, it is time to look ahead, in spite of the pandemic. Not to what was previously called normal, because like the printing press, the corona virus has changed the world, remember both originated in China.

We look forward to everyone getting vaccinated, and no talk of the corona virus.

Thankfully, since 1976, Lake Superior State University compiles an annual Banished Words List, “to uphold, protect, and support excellence in language by encouraging avoidance of words and terms that are overworked, redundant, oxymoronic, clichéd, illogical, nonsensical—and otherwise ineffective, baffling, or irritating.”

2021 Banished Word List

  1. COVID-19 (COVID, coronavirus, Rona)
  2. Social distancing
  3. We’re all in this together
  4. In an abundance of caution (various phrasings)
  5. In these uncertain times (various phrasings)
  6. Pivot 
  7. Unprecedented
  8. Karen 
  9. Sus
  10. I know, right?

You may have heard about that horrible incident in Central Park with the woman named Karen, and why it is on the list. But Pivot and Sus? I had to look up. I personally think the expression whatever should have been included.  

The word Blursday, is a horse of a different color. Rumor has it, the word is irritating and trending for the 2022 list.

Defined as: An unspecified day; the loss of the ability to track one’s week because of the knockdown effect on time. For many people, the pandemic has created a long period of time without their daily work and school schedule. Without a schedule, it has become hard to remember which day it is”

Hard to remember what day it is? Wait until they are my age.

However, the days of social distancing, frequently hand washing, and isolation won’t disappear fast. It takes time for the body to build immunity after the vaccination and two shots are required.

So, what are we going to do in the mean time?

We’ve already installed a blind on the glass sliders, swapped out a two-bowl sink for a one bowl. Connected a filtration system, upgraded the irrigation system, improved the landscaping and had the outside of the house painted. The picture above is our front door painted in the new color, Cyberspace.

I guess I could clean out the closets or finish my first novel.

. . . just saying 

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