Obsession or Procrastination

The Days of My Life

Is decluttering an obsession or a form of procrastination? Regardless, there is no time for writing. Here’s my latest pastime, finding a home, not mine, for the perfectly good items I no longer use or want. Like; a Garmin, or the shower head that was replaced, or curtain rod brackets. I save the plastic containers strawberries and other food items come in. I can see what is in each box and they snap shut. But, do you know how much effort and time goes into removing the old labels? There was no time for new labels. That’s on next’s week to do list. I probably won’t have time to write. Besides it was garbage day.

I am preoccupied with getting my house in order, i.e., fixing the outdoor water spigot that spits water in my face when turned on, or replacing the entrance way light bulb twenty feet above ground. Do you know anyone who will come to my house with a ladder? I am willing to pay.  

Is it anxiety? Some people take a pill, and that is fine. I scrub, run the sweeper, and organize. I want the towels folded just right and my underwear stacked by color in the dresser. My life is about tidying-up, and how did get to be so?

Perhaps it’s about control. The world has become chaotic. We wake up to another mass shooting, unprovoked invasion of countries, and weather disasters.

I want hospital corners on the bed and the pillows fluffed.


. . . just saying

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9 thoughts on “Obsession or Procrastination

  1. A good laugh at ourselves. And if the man with the ladder comes by please let me know. Mine 25 ft entrance light is burned out also.
    I do enjoy your humor and tweets.


  2. I think that you meant procrastination unless you are now laying face down on the floor. 😂 I think we may have been separated at birth, since I have the same and/or similar reactions to the chaotic world & trying to take control of at least my portion of it. It’s a curse!🧙‍♀️


  3. My thought is if we can create peace and not chaos in our own lives and in our own homes, maybe, somehow this could minimise the chaos around us. Procrastination and frustration can rapidly turn into chaos.


    • Hello Claudia.. I have been following you for awhile and I have just noticed that my responses come up as anonymous. I think this is because you don’t like my email address which is judith@judithbaxter.net.nz. I can’t imagine why else I am anonymous. I’ve just tried again and I get the response try again with a valid email address. Oh dear!


      • Judy, I will check it out. If you were sending it directly to my email address, it might go into my spam. However your comment is posted on wordpress. Always a mystery. . . just saying . . .Thanks


      • Judy, I’m guessing, you need to change your settings. Under user info on my site, at first look it had my email listed. I fooled around, looked again and it now says “no email listed”. I could not enter your email. I did just follow you, I THOUGHT I was a follower. Please let me know. Claudia


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