Monday, Day Five of Vacation

Jackson, Wyoming the morning of

The next day, after breakfast, we checked out and wandered around Jackson, mostly shopping and people watching. After lunch we headed north into the Grand Tetons National Park. The temperature dropped as the elevation climbed to 10,000 ft and once inside the park the temperature was about 40 degrees, although the sun had came out.

We checked in at 4:15PM. Why do I remember the precise time? Because like most accidents the events are played over in slow motion. We drove to our close by cabin.

I carried my luggage inside the cabin then heard a scream. We ran outside to find my husband lying on the ground.

The above pictures tell the story. Bob tripped holding his ipad, fell, and fractured his right shoulder. Betsy call 911. Hotel staff came immediately in a golf cart, knew not to move him, and called for an ambulance. It was raining and temperatures continued to drop. We grabbed blankets. The man layered their winter jackets underneath a garbage bag hoping to prevent shock, The ambulance, traveling from outside the park arrived one hour later. The ride back was the same one hour over bumpy roads. Doctors at St. John’s hospital determined Bob probably need surgery but didn’t argue. A man with his medical history needed to be home to Florida. He was discharged, arm in a sling with pain medication.

The process took hours.

Betsy and Bill had followed the ambulance and patiently sat in the ER waiting room wondering what to do.

“Well girlfriend,” I said, calling on my cell phone. “You’ll have to go shopping. Bob has nothing to wear. That really nice blue checked shirt was cut off.”

. . . just saying

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9 thoughts on “Monday, Day Five of Vacation

  1. There I was, prepared to relate how we spent a week in the Grand Teton National Park back in ’85, about how great an adventure it was for us and our two young daughters. But no, you had an unwelcome adventure that trumped all the natural wonders. I see from other comments that your husband is recovering. I pray he’ll recovery fully and that you will go on to have more pleasant adventures in the near future.


    • Thank you for your kindness. He is recovering amazingly. We had the first follow up today and saw the lasted x-ray of metal. The good news is that the bone will rebuild itself over time. It’s a slow process, about one year


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