Sunday; Day Four of Vacation

Day Four/Sunday of Vacation

Backed Tight and Ready to Go

Yesterday, after the service person said he would order a part and be back next week to fix the air conditioner, the refrigerator stopped working. Other than ice for the cooler this morning, it wasn’t an issue, because; if Yellowstone opened, we’d been notified the availability of food would be limited. We’d planned to pack the basics. Betsy cooked a fabulous fish dinner, trekked back to the store for ice and emptied the frig laughing about another thing gone wrong.

In the morning, everyone was up and dressed early. Luggage and beverages for four people fit in the trunk and we departed promptly at 7AM.

 About 65 miles later, we stopped in Laramie, Wyoming, for a McDonald’s breakfast. I’m a fan of their bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, and convinced everyone the bathrooms would be clean and the coffee hot.

The elevation increases along the way and the beige landscapes fades to green in response to the mountains dotting the distance.

There was nothing, but landscape for miles. I got a little nervous at the thought of running out of gas or having a flat tire. I imaged traveling in a covered wagon and being low on beans.

Lunch? Once again, McDonald’s and my original favorite . . .the fish sandwich.

We arrived in Jackson Hole on schedule, and checked in.

Cowboy Village

And We had a memorable meal at the Cowboy Bar.

The sun came out. Although we got drenched in a down pour returning to our cabins.

Things might just work out.

. . . just saying

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