What Did You Do Today?



Nothing! I did absolutely nothing. Well, nothing of consequence. That’s retirement.

I didn’t sleep in, although according to my husband, I got up late, 7:30 am.

Late, because he rises at 4am and that makes me three plus hours tardy.

Then my morning routine; coffee and the newspaper and watching CBS Morning. (I’m in love with Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson, and Gale King.) Followed by breakfast and exercise; by the time I showered and flossed it’s was 10:30 and my husband was sitting down to lunch.

Usually writing is next on my agenda; however, since my brain was stolen in the middle of the night, my attention was drawn to Easter decorating and the task of disposing of unwanted items.

You know what I’m talking about. Those plastic bins, packed, labeled and stored in your garage or attic. Ceramic eggs and bunnies you’re emotionally attached and refuse to send to a landfill.

It was exhausting and it isn’t time for bed.

. . . just saying

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10 thoughts on “What Did You Do Today?

  1. Tardy being late to the gate because you are retired, thats hilarious. Your Easter decorations are collectible pieces and hope they are displayed, and packed away for next year.


  2. Lol I wake up at 6, and already I feel like I wake up late compared to your husband. There is some magic in waking up early versus later (even though the amount of sleep is the same), and I have to say that at least we’re all in the ‘early’ bunch. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life with us!


  3. Your day sounds just like mine! I usually don’t get a few hours if deep sleep until 4 or 5 am and don’t get up till about 7. It’s 10:56 here now and Terry is contemplating lunch. I try to stay out of his way till about 5 pm when I start thinking about preparing dinner and Terry is watching the evening news. After that it’s all about who is in control of the remote control. How is life with a puppy?


  4. Oh yes – retirement. My late husband was an early riser but usually i done wake jp until 6.45. Years of getting up and getting the children offto school. Now alone, I wake up and take my first cup of tea back to bed and read emails etc. retirement is so very difficult!


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