Is Today Friday?

456 pic from cell may 2019 154Is Today Friday?

Monday morning, as soon as I was out of bed, the day felt like a Friday. The newspaper indicated it was Monday, June 1st. But, seeing the day and date in print didn’t help. It clearly felt like a Friday.

Tuesday, the next morning, did not feel like a Saturday. Why had Monday felt like a Friday?

By Wednesday, the week seemed to be on track until, my husband said, “Boy this week is going fast.” Then Wednesday adopted a few nuances of Thursday.  

Finally, on Friday it felt like Friday, probably because we had pizza for dinner.

Has any of this ever happened to you?

I asked,  Google; Why does it feel like Friday?

 “Fridays are associated with the ending of work/school, so people are happier and go to parties, bed later, etc. See, if you associate something with the day and it doesn’t happen, it can feel like a different day.”

It is a stretch. . . But if Monday is associated with work, and I am retired, therefore, work did not happen; the day might feel like a different day. Logically, however, the different day,  should have been Saturday. I have to assume they missed my notation about pizza for dinner.

According to Google, People also ask;

  • Why does the day feel so short?
  • Why is the day dragging?
  • Why do days of the week feel different?

These are questions I frequently ask, along with other questions, i.e., What is cow tipping?

Asking the right question is more important than finding the right answer.

Why can’t every day feel like Friday?

What do you think?

. . . . just saying

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9 thoughts on “Is Today Friday?

  1. Whenever I have pizza, it feels like Friday with great memories of friends! Very appropriate during the Pandemic as no one knows what day it is. Well written! Keep it up.

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  2. Back in the daze of work, the week always felt like I was on a tear drop shaped track. The pointy end was Saturday, which slipped down into Sunday, eventually rounding down to Wednesday, followed by the long climb back to pointy Saturday. Finally, in retirement, every day is Saturday.

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  3. I never have that feeling of a day feeling like a particular day. Today is Sunday, I don’t go to church but I do get a Sunday paper. Unfortunately, there is less and less I even want to read about. I really get it to have the TV guide. Today I thought Oprah has done it all (almost) but she never had a newspaper. I think we all need the Good News newspaper. She is rich enough and it would be successful I think as it has a TV guide it would be better than any Sunday newspaper. Since you are a writer, I elect you to write to Oprah and ask her to start a Good News newspaper! Just Sayin….


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