Shopping for Bread in a Hardware Store/Silly Poem Series


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                                                                Shopping for Bread in a Hardware Store

Hardware Stores fit all our needs
Wheel barrels are near the door

First aisle; nuts and bolts tucked in draws
Second aisle; power tools, gadgetry and more
Midnight Blue and Sunset Yellow paint swatches, linger by brushes.
Floor Fans overcome noise

But no bread!

Hand tools and power saws hang over drop cloths
Welcome mats decorated the floor

Perhaps the bread was in the back
Squeezed between charcoal and bug spray
After fertilizer and birdseed
Before the rest room door

But no, no bread!

I asked a man for help.
The man scratched his beard and said
“Lady you are in the wrong store.”

. . . . just saying


6 thoughts on “Shopping for Bread in a Hardware Store/Silly Poem Series

  1. Claudia,
    I think this pertains to the three other ladies that go out with you and the fellas on Saturday nights.. I can see you doing that with Mr. Wonderful at your side and I can see the other three doing the same things with their # 1 Guys.. What we guys have to put up with after all these years… Good Luck Mr. Wonderful, you go in for tools, she wants BREAD!!! Oh my!!!!


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