Pickled Carrots

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWhy have sour grapes when you can eat pickled carrots?”

Who knew Pickled Carrots are popular?

Sorry, it is not a metaphor for a political rant or observation on life (as in sour grapes); it is a carrot recipe, as pickled cucumbers are pickles.

 The food item was recently a topic of conversation on Mostly Martha.

Martha Stewart interviewed Caroline Fidanza, owner of restaurant “Saltie” and the title of her cookbook. They talked about pickled carrots and her other business venture, the Gotham West Market Place.

Gotham is a new “food hall” in New York City between the theater district and Hudson River Park .  It sounds like an incredible food experience that can be read about at dailycandy.com.

Although Martha lists several recipes on her site, I chose Caroline Fidanza’s recipe, it was easy, quite delicious and an alternative condiment.

Pickled Carrots

1/2 cup sugar ( diabetes substitution, 1 tbsp sugar & 5 packets of equal)                                                                   

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 cup white or apple vinegar

3 large carrots julienne or shredded

Marinate carrots 30 minutes at room temp or refrigerate over night. Blanch carrots if you want a little less crunch in your carrots.     

Why pickled carrots? Well, today is Sunday and the one pound I lost last Friday has not come back . . . yet!

. . . . just saying


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6 thoughts on “Pickled Carrots

  1. Claudia, you and Mr. Wonderful can have and enjoy any type of carrots you want.. Leave me with a pickle and I will be satisfied.. Even fried!!!


    • Mary, Let me know if you like them. About spoilage, when carrots or celery begin to wither I put them in water in a plastic container, it extends their life. Likewise with onions I chop or dice and freeze them before they become doubtful.


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