J is for Junk Drawer – The Alphabet Series

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Aging & Attitude

Mr. Wonderful, my husband of 41 years, walks into the kitchen and asks, “Have you seen that what-ch-ma- thing?”

I know exactly what he is asking about because he has on glasses and is holding a plastic tube of wood glue.

“You know that who-GA-ma-call-it you wanted put back.” He says stammering and shaking his head; eyes focused on a ceiling corner in an attempt to retrieve the information.

I enjoy his sputtering, because early he yelled at me, “You’re always right, you’re right, you’re right, but you can’t make me do it.” After a discussion on health became a fist fight about right or wrong.

Now, his stretched out slippers let his toes hang over the sole, so they smash into the floor molding. He hip hops about, flamingo style, scrunching his face like a shriveled prune and swearing, shit, shit, shit, but gets no sympathy.

Then he blurts out the real issue, “Why can’t we have a junk drawer?”

Yes, you heard right, we do not have a junk drawer. I am philosophically opposed to the concept and wonder why people accumulate items, they do not want and have no need for, useless items, in a kitchen drawer.

“Why would we need a junk drawer, we have somehow managed for forty years without a drawer of unwanted rubbish.”

“Marshal says every man needs a junk drawer, all the guys have one, I’m the only one who doesn’t.”

I get it, that the junk has possibility. It’s too good for the garbage and might some day have a use, or kept just in case.

“So Mr. Wonderful, if you had a junk drawer, what would you put in it?” I ask.

“The who-Ga-ma-call-it I’m looking for, golf balls and golf tees, I don’t know, STUFF!” He answers.

“Don’t you keep golf balls and tees in your golf bag? And the what-ch-ma-thing is in your tool box.” I reply.

“You’re right, you’re right, I hate it when you’re right!”

…just saying

       (Mr. Wonderful improvises)GE DIGITAL CAMERA

15 thoughts on “J is for Junk Drawer – The Alphabet Series

      • Yes, in the kitchen, super glue, extra knobs for my cabinets, a single hole punch, those little tie thingies from bread (hey you never know when you’ll need them in the garden), popsicle sticks (clean of course – again useful in the garden). an exacto knife, and the list goes on….. But my philosophy is this: if the items meet one of these two criteria:
        1. haven’t used an item for a year
        2. I have no clue what it is
        THROW IT OUT!! LOL
        Thanks for this great post, Claudia.


  1. One mans JUNK is another mans Treasure.. Apparently, Mr. Wonderful can never find a place of TREASURE in his own home, because, the wife of 41 years is a CLEAN Fr – – K… and throws out anything that might be a Treasure to Him.. I myself have a JUNK DRAWER for my Tees, Golf glove, Golf Balls, Ball Markers, rubberbands, scoring pencils, scorecareds etc.. Treasures that all golfers want.. Apparently, My Wonderful has a housemate that knows nothing about these type of treasures.. How they have been married this long is beyond me.. Myself, I have numerous Treasurly JUNK drawers in my house, and they hold many SECRET Items, just for me.. SO, Mr. Wonderful, go out in the garage and take over one (1) small drawer ASAP.. Time is growing short and you need a place for TREASURES!!!!!


  2. Rosalie says, I have everything but the kitchen sink in my TWO junk drawers..old CD’s, batteries, recipes, candles, napkins, and any other thing I keep “in case I need it”..makes my husband a little crazy, but , after all, they are MY junk drawers.


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