Eating Moose


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Eating Moose

Miss Eva giggles, when her mom, Sasha Martin, announces they will be eating moose. The little girl’s flirtatious glance causes Sasha to clarify and add, banana mouse. This week the country is Sao Tome and Principe, and the menu Sweet Potato Frittata, Cod Fish Feijoada and Banana Mouse with Chocolate Shavings. Miss Eva started eating  international cuisine as a toddler, has a sophisticated palate and would not be surprised if moose were on the menu.

Do you dream of world travel? Not Sasha Martin, she turns dreams into travel around the world without leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma. I discovered Sasha and Global Table Adventure listening to NPR. Global Table Adventure, a way to experience the world, educate her daughter and take her picky husband with her, is her brainchild.

Tag lines reveal the mission and nature of her character.

Imagine if it were possible to create peace one bite at a time.

Let’s eat out way around the world.

Cooking the world A-Z

Catchy phrases like “stove top travel” and “I’m giving you the recipes, facts and reviews,” lure you to culinary delights. With eyes closed you can experience being there.

Sasha is focused, and organized; the website user-friendly and the pictures fabulous.

A student of the Culinary Institute of America she tackles a list of 195 countries alphabetically. If only I had discovered the adventure sooner,  she has explored 151 countries.

Travel Tuesday, tells about the country and culture, Menu Wednesday reveals what to cook, Thursday shows techniques and Fun Friday includes tidbits and polls. Saturday the family cooks and dines and the following Monday is meal review with photos and occasional video.

There is an Interactive Map, Adventure Status, and Global Gift Guide of twenty items with links to the manufacturers if you like to buy. Everything from Fred M Matroyshkas dry measuring cups, to Buddy Trainer Chopsticks, a set of two for $5.99.

The journey is real and sincere.

Proverbs are included this year, and Sasha tells of a recent visit with a friend  to share the wisdom.

If I am a prince and you are a prince, then who will lead the donkeys?” – Saudi Proverb

Sasha captures their conversation by concluding; “May we all let our hair be wild.”

I agree.

  … just saying

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