Dancing With The Fridge

(Play the Youtube Video, it features the theme song, Bandstand Bogie)

     American Bandstand                                               

   We all remember American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark and his sidekick Charlie O’Donnell.  We hurried home from school during the late 1950’s and 60’s to watch the show that aired at 3PM, and cut away for “Who Do You Trust” from 3:30PM until 4PM.

   It was during that half hour my sister, Mariellen, and I danced the Lindy with the refrigerator, humming the latest, Paul Anka, Frankie Valli, or Neil Sedaka song and using a dish towel to fake a partner’s extended arm. We impressed ourselves with twirls and a basic breakaway. The air steps and aerials performed by Bandstand regulars wearing Poodle skirts, Bobbie socks and Saddle shoes were not in our repertoire.


At 4PM, we were back sitting on the floor in front of the TV, watching ads for Dentyne and Heines White Vinegar; hoping we did not miss the Rate-a-Record segment when selected audience members attached a number to the beat, lyrics and likability of a new song.

We recently discussed why we chose dancing the Lindy with the refrigerator or a bedroom door rather than each other and concluded; it was to avoid a fight over who would lead.

Oh, the dancing with the fridge, that is the same as singing into a hair brush.

                                                                                         …just saying

17 thoughts on “Dancing With The Fridge

  1. This has been one of the most entertaining blog posts I’ve read. As my wife is from the area around Philadelphia, she speaks often of the Bandstand show, and I’ve heard her mention many time about the various events on the show. I called her over and read this post to her and she found it quite entertaining and intertaining. She says that not many folks seem to remember that Dick Clark was not the original host of Bandstand, as there was one on their earlier that was ushered out because of rumors tht he was exploiting some of the youner female show participants.

    I think your comments were wonderful, especially where you discussed why you danced with the fridge, instead of each other! This is priceless. I was overseas in the Navy when that whole thing started, so I never had the experience until much later.



  2. Yes, I remmeber those days.  Ole Dick died this year I think. What a huge contribution to the music scene he made for Many years. A good looking blond guy named Bobby was my fav.                                nena P.S Have contract on my log cabin but it ain’t over til the fat lady sings.



  3. Boy does this bring back fond memories. I remember American Bandstand and how we just couldn’t wait to get home to watch it. I actually had a few friends who were able to be on the show and it was so cool watching them. I never did learn the Lindy, but I very much enjoyed watching others do the dance. The Beatles were just coming on the scene at that time so our attention was draw elsewhere. The dances changed substantially after that. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile. :-)))


    • Kathy, You may be a little too young. We needed a partner to dance and stayed connected throughout the dance routine by touching and holding hands, the break-a-way was the introduction of dancing on your own and then came back together.


  4. Really enjoyed this very much. It certainly brought back memories of those very special times. Eddie Kelly (former American Bandstand Regular)(1959-1961). Please visit theprincesand princessesofdance.com to see the latest and most up to date info about the regulars, Dick Clark, music and artists. You won’t be disappointed.


  5. Sorry, Claudia, but I do not remember watching these shows back in the 50’s and 60’s. ;p But I enjoyed this post nonetheless. Who knows, maybe I’ll watch the instructional video and start dancing the Lindy with my fridge too!!


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