High Definition

Aging & Attitude

My husband can never die. One of the many, many reasons is his ability to surf the TV channel guide. My television viewing is dependent on him. Just when I’ve remembered that Lifetime HD is 1137, it’s not. The local newspaper does not list High Definition channels but I have a dated program locator (aka guide), with several notations about changes, although not enough to entice me off the couch, into the study, and rifling through a file cabinet.

He’s still alive, sitting in his chair so I double-check, “Lifetime is 1124, right?”

“No, it’s number 1237. All HD channels have been regrouped in the 1200 range.”

“How would I know that?”

“It was in the newspaper, remember I told you.”


Bright House also mailed a flyer about Channel Lineup.”

“That was a TV Guide?”

He is a sweet man. Surely, I can figure Television viewing for myself.

Sunday I study the News Journal television guide, and with a highlighter make note of the day and time of my favorite programs and copy the information in a daily calendar. It does not work.

The shows I like are on at 9PM and later, The Closer, Mad Men, Men of a Certain Age, that lawyer show with Cathy Bates, not Andy or Jackie, you know, Harry’s Law. Typically that’s about the time we switch. I swap whatever I am doing for TV and he retires to the bedroom, saying, “Don’t you want to see such and such?”

“Yes! Thanks for reminding me, Mr. Wonderful.”

In the morning I phone Bright House and after pushing several prompts hear a voice say, “I’m Murray your customer service representative, how can I exceed your expectations?”

Now we are talking.

                                                              ….just saying

12 thoughts on “High Definition

  1. You sound just like my wife.. She can screw up a remote and channels in a heartbeat.. They need a class in remote / channel changing 101 for all women.. I finally got her a TV and her own remote, put her in a room, locked her in with double chains on the door and said go at it.. Well it took the service man 2 hours to get the poor cable box and remote back to normalcy.. He asked / pleeded with me to never hand her a remote again.. I think she did it on purpose just to see me humiliated.. Oh well, she got the better of me once again.. I don’t know how she keeps doing this to her “Mr. Wonderful”..


  2. Seems like we all live parallel lives. Ditto for me, I could do the electronics but I’m just not interested……That’s why I keep David around.


  3. I hate to break it to you, but Harry’s Law and Men of a Certain Age have been cancelled. If you go to facebook you can join groups that are protesting the cancellation of Harry’s Law (aka We want Harry) and Men of a Certain Age, (aka fight to save men of a certain age).


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