Kreativ Blogger Award/JustSaying

I am  green to writing and a new blogger, and when notified I was a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award thought it was a poke, like on Facebook.

Pleased by the  recognition, I graciously accepted and immediately sent a thank you to Christine Speno of Words,etc. For some unknown reason, Christine has taken me under her wing and gladly meets with me to discuss various how to subjects. Why? Christine does not need a why, she is a giver and we have become friends and writing partners.  I’m loving it. Thank you Christine.

What is the Kreativ Blogger Award? I searched Word Press to find out.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is a peer award, as is the Golden Globe Award. The fact that another blogger thought my writing worthy is encouraging.

Husfrauas Memoarer, a Norwegian, came up with the idea on May 8th 2008, pieced together fabric for the original design, (shown below)

and bestowed it upon four fellow bloggers.

Evidently Kreativ is German for creative. Hulda is still blogging about inspirational crafts at blogspot, She is creative and displays beautiful  photography.

The design, and criteria have changed over time.

Now a recipient lists ten things people may not know about them, displays the award on their blog and passes the honors on to six other bloggers.

It has been fun viewing and revisiting blogs to make my decision and grueling to list things about myself.

Ten things you may not know about me;

  1. I am average, and have no hidden talent unless you consider singing, “Gold Finger” at the Windham Arms Hotel Summer Talent Show, of significance.
  2. Although I have big opinions, and not shy about expressing them, I am shy.
  3. I have four sisters and three brothers, but no first cousins.
  4. My son complains he has never seen me drunk.
  5. I started writing in 2009, secretly.
  6. Visiting the White House at Christmas is on my bucket list.
  7. I am published in “Let’s Talk”, a collection of short stories by Florida Writers.
  8. Given the choice between eating leftover pizza and a baked sweet potato, choose the potato.
  9. Am still friends with my best friend from High School and my first boyfriend, they married.
  10. Think youth is wasted on the young.
Kreativ Blogger Awards recipients are:
Chris Hamilton writer of Florida Writers Conference Blog. FWA is a great organization, the mission statement is  Writers Helping Writers and they mean it. Chris shares valuable information, keeps the mundane interesting and is task driven.
Kristen and Jacqueline, the brains behind “Chicks with Ticks”, amuse and enlighten women about the great out doors.
Michael Ray King, poet, etc., is as diverse a writer as they come, and more importantly, a romantic mush.
Jennifer Ward – Pelar an environmentalist and writer is cheer and funny.
Renee Fisher, author and former hula hoop champion makes driving in the boomer lane fun.
Sue Healy an award-winning writer, tutor and journalist, not ashamed to say she is Irish; I like her take on writing.
Thank you Christine Speno, receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award has encouraged and validated my efforts to write.

                                                                                           Just Saying,


12 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award/JustSaying

  1. Congratulations from your best friend from high school and your first boyfriend! It’s an honor just to be mentioned! Just Thinking … If your rendition of Goldfinger had led to a record contract, you may never have discovered your passion for writing. Keep on!


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  3. Claudia – a great acceptance speech 🙂 It was my pleasure to nominate you. Thank you for the kind words. I love traveling on the WordPress road to oblivion with you!

    Keep up the great writing and blogging. You’re an inspiration to writers everywhere.


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