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There is a fantastic household tip I want to share with readers, however legal recommends prefacing this break through idea with a disclaimer.

You know what a disclaimer is, right?

The Encarta Dictionary definition is, “refusal to accept responsibility for something, e.g. a denial of legal liability for any injury associated with product or damages arising from an accident.”

A standard disclaimer says, if I suggest or recommend something and something stupid happens causing you injury, I am not to blame. There is no opportunity to sue because you assumed the risk, like swimming in a pool with no lifeguard on duty; it is your fault if you drown.

A real time situation is; I recommend using duct tape as a cost saving measure to remove facial hair and in attempting to do so you also remove several layers of skin, you cannot ask me to pay for any necessary cosmetic surgery.

Remember Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Please, do not try this, although it might work, common sense indicates using duct tape in this way could be extremely painful.

The example demonstrates the legal necessity for a disclaimer, preventing attempts to get money for stupidity, not that I think anyone reading this is stupid.

You get the point.

You will not be signing anything. Suffice to say, if you use the household tip below you agreed to the disclaimer because the only way to learn about this life changing tip guaranteed to reduce stress and frustration, is to read it here.

It is similar to signing papers in the doctor’s office that we give permission, well not really permission; informs us our medical information is shared with everyone, except our husband or a close living relative. It sounds like we have a choice but try not signing; the doctor will not see you. We have no choice but to sign.

Here you have no choice, either, but you do not have to sign, makes more sense to me.    

Get ready for this life changing household tip.

You know those plastic caps that will not come off spray cans in spite of squeezing, pulling, and repositioning your hand numerous times, then finally pop off with a jolt that jackknifes both elbows and knocks over a Waterford crystal wine glass, well I do not know of an easy way to get it off, but here is the tip; do not put it back on, under no circumstances.  Throw the top in the garbage or hide in a mysterious place.

That is it, could not be easier. Your quality of life will improve greatly. The first cap is the hardest to throw out, and it is normal to keep the cap, just in case; but soon you will be roaming room to room searching for caps that can be discarded.

A word of caution, do not attempt to remove several caps the first time as extreme euphoria has been reported, and in cases of euphoria lasting more than four hours, call your doctor immediately.

                                                                                                                                                                    . . . .  Just Saying


14 thoughts on “Household Tips & Disclaimers

  1. Thanks Claudia, I got a good little laugh today! 🙂 Laughter is always good. Except, of course, giggling at the person wrestling with a cap who knocks a Waterford crystal wine glass off a counter. Then laughter itself will need a disclaimer…


  2. O M G – I recognize those yellow gloves- My wife walks around the house all day wearing those.. You my dear, have solved the delima of the missing caps in my garage.. Down deep, i believe you and my wife have discussed this cap issue at some point in our weekly get togethers.. I have cans with no tops- I feel like a fool now, having torn my garage apart looking for the tops to “MY” cans.. They are gone !! Forever and ever. But I must admit, it is a lot easier to use the can now!


  3. You sound just like my mom! Ha! She found out Aveeda Salons will take all caps (except for prescription bottle tops–go figure) to make future hair product containers! Who knew? Another alternative to hiding them from yourself… 🙂


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