Easter’s What Not

The Days of My Life Series

Easter is a significant Christian holy day, although many of the traditions and symbols surrounding the day have roots in agnostic celebrations.

Can you imagine Easter without the Easter egg and Easter Bunny and all the other what not? I can not.

Some historians maintain that the word “Easter” comes from Eostre, or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. Others explain Easter is a derivative of a Latin phrase alba or dawn.

The History webpage linked above explains in detail all the popular non-religious Easter traditions, including Easter eggs, and related games such as egg rolling and egg decorating. The egg represents fertility and decorating them a way to celebrate of life.

The Easter Bunny? No one can say for sure. . . although there is the metaphor; to multiply like rabbits.

In Florida, things will be quiet. But I have wonderful memories of Easter Sunday mass, baskets, new dresses and bonnets, egg hunts and searching for the golden egg.

It is a celebration of life, new beginnings and hope in the world.

Happy Easter.

                                                                 . . . just saying


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5 thoughts on “Easter’s What Not

  1. Yesterday, I went with a friend to an Easter Sunday church service. It was the first time I’ve been into a church apart from weddings and funerals for about 16 or 17 years. I’ve written about it on my blog http://growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com. I suspect that this is how churches are going in this day and age to encourage young people to attend.


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