An Eye Opener

The Days of My Life Series

Yesterday was an eye opener. Not just because it was the 83rd day of the year and there are only 282 days left, but. . . because I fell.

Thankfully, I wasn’t seriously hurt and able to get up. However, I’m now calculating the days until I fall and can’t get up.

I’ll be 75 this year. In five years or 1,825 days I’ll be 80. This isn’t new math. You get the picture.

The other issue is that every day something else occurs, like. . . someone backs into my car in a store parking lot, or my Facebook account is hacked. . . again. One day my social security 1099 form was accidentally shredded and I drove 30 miles to the closest office and waited in line outside for a very, very long time to get a duplicate. It’s as though I playing Monopoly and keep landing on Chance.

I would rather be writing, than on hold attempting to reorder the toothbrush charger I’ve missed placed. It’s hidden somewhere in my house. I just can’t remember where, and none of the 20 other chargers or adapters I find, fit.

But not to be side tracked, how did I fall?

Well, it was 6:30 am and I was sleeping peacefully, when my Tandem insulin pump alerted me wake up and drink juice. I knew where the kitchen was in the dark. So, I walked with my eyes closed, attempting not to wake myself. Except there was a crash, and I found myself laying across an opened dishwasher. It was an eye opener and I cursed like a banshee.

Why was the dishwasher open with the bottom rack pulled out at the crack of dawn?

Well, I’d rather not talk about it, and another something that pulled me away from a day of writing.

Anyway, I’m thankful; I could get up, didn’t have a fork stuck in my nose and had not been woken by a Russian bomb dropped on my house.

                                                                                      . . . just saying

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4 thoughts on “An Eye Opener

  1. So sorry; also very glad you weren’t hurt. I keep reminding myself about this bit of wisdom that a late friend once passed along from her considerably older aunt: “I never think about the things I can’t do–only about the things I can.”


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