What To Read 2

“When the Stars Go Dark”, by Paula McLain, was a good read.

She wrote, “The Paris Wife”, which I enjoyed even more. Both books draw upon facts. The Paris Wife  is the story of Ernest Hemingway’s life with his first wife, Hadley in Paris, and gives Hadley the credit she deserves as a spirited loving woman.

The idea for “When the Stars Go Dark” was sparked by an incident in California, the kidnapping of twelve-year-old Polly Klaas. The story is plot driven and compelling with insight about trauma along the way.

Both books, although based in fact, are categorized as fiction because facts might be embellished.

Please let me know if you read either, or both.

. . . just saying


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8 thoughts on “What To Read 2

  1. I did read The Paris Wife & really enjoyed it. I was happy the Hadley was finally given her due. I recently read As a Woman by a Paula Stone Williams. (I think I mentioned this at the baby shower) I enjoyed it very much. Other recent books that I’ve enjoyed: A Perfect Gentleman, Jaberwocky: Lessons in Love from a boy who never spoke and The Lovely Jewels.


  2. I have not read either, but having seen the PBS documentary about Hemingway, I would love to read this. A tortured soul, he treated his wives abysmally. Each of them had to find her own strength to survive. The novel about Polly Klass, I’m afraid, would be too tough to make my way through, even if well written. Thank you for the recommendations! I’m just getting back to reading, and this is up my alley!


    • Thanks for commenting. I’m getting back to reading. In the past I read strange things hoping to fill in the gaps of my literary education. The classics felt like a punishment. Now I put the book away if isn’t a page turner for me.


  3. I just finished The Paris Library and loved it. My favorite this summer was Kathleen Hart’s Devorgilla Days. Wonderful hours spent with these two books. Number three of the year for me was Deacon King Kong.

    Just my input. Kathe



  4. I am kind of a slave to my Book Club reads, which I do enjoy. This summer I have read 2 books by William Kent Krueger (off my book club list) which I have loved: “Ordinary Grace” and “This Tender Land”. I highly recommend. Thanks for the other ideas. And, yes, I did read “The Paris Wife” a long time ago and liked it. A similar book is “The Other Einstein” about Einstein’s first wife-really good.


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