Autumn In New York

Autumn In New York

I missed the first day of Autumn or Fall or the Northern Equinox, whatever you call it these days.

In Florida we don’t experience the typical indicators that cooler weather is coming.

The temperature did drop, but not significantly; it feels cooler because it’s less humid.

What is significant is . . . it’s starting to get dark earlier. A reminder of the darkness that descends starting at 5 PM in the North. At 27 degrees latitude, Florida is not far from the equator. New York City’s latitude is around 40.

Their days will be shorter still.

We know that the Southern Hemisphere experiences Spring when the Northern Hemisphere experiences Autumn, but we forget. However, it was brought to light when I read a blog post featuring flowers springing to life in South Africa. It’s difficult to image we’re in opposite states of nature especially since their latitude 33, is close to ours.

We exchanged comments and she never sees yellow, orange or red colors, either.

I miss New York. We turned on a radio to hear the weather report. I preferred to study how quickly people walked from my fifth-floor walk up apartment window. If it was a rapid pace as they rushed to the subway, I knew to dress warm.


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4 thoughts on “Autumn

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  2. Found you in a comment on Joy Neal Kidney’s site. I too left New York, but went west to Wisconsin. Fall is stil a thing here, then there’s winter. I just bought a snow rake for our roof, to give you an idea of the fun ahead of us.

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