A Chirping Bird Pandemic


Chirping Birds

A Chirping Bird Pandemic

My neighbor phoned to ask if she could borrow two rolls of toilet paper. Her TP order on Amazon was back ordered. The delay? It was coming from China.

I was face timing with my doctor when I overheard the request and my husband announcing he would leave the items outside our front door. Afterwards, I expressed my concern, and he reminded me. “She made us face masks,” he sighed and said, “relax I gave her the smaller rolls I bought at Walgreens.”

Life is certainly different.

I have stepped away from posting due to several life altering events and my attempt to write a novel. Writing a novel, for me, has been like saying I was going to build a cabin in the woods and waking up to discover I constructed a lean to. No worries, I am not giving up. Writing is my pass-time.

Oprah Winfrey said, “If the Pandemic hasn’t affected you something is wrong.”  I never thought I would face time a doctor. The session required a how-to discussion with a staff member who was working from home and unable to put me on hold. Long pauses filled with silence occurred during our conversation until she said, “I hear birds chirping.” I was sitting outside as I have been for most of the Pandemic. It was sweet and we savored the moment.

I count my blessings, thankful we have not been affected greatly.

Mornings, I enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by quiet. Slowly the sun creeps up to announce its presence through the mist. Then tangles in the trees. The leaves create a mosaic on the grass while the birds sing. In the background a motorcycle’s dual pipes crescendo in a drum roll. I imagine Leonard Bernstein conducting nature and hear a rhythm band triangle chime. It is a horn honking.

How has the Coronavirus affected you?

Oh, by the way, my novel will have a happy ending.

. . . . just saying

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28 thoughts on “A Chirping Bird Pandemic

  1. Wonderful, have you noticed how quiet it is with no planes flying over fewer cars on the roads and the sounds of the chirp of the cardinal and the screech of the Osprey that fill the air. The Pandemic has allowed our senses to be more in tune with nature,.

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  2. Lovely! And yes new directions every day. In my dreams I write a novel too. Not enough discipline on my part. Jack of all trades and master of none. I write my weekly column. Keep writing!

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  3. I just noticed your explanation about commenting if you don’t have a WP account, because a few people have had trouble w/ that on my blog. They can ignore all that sign-in mess? That’s fantastic!


  4. Claudia, so good to read your blog. It certainly has been a challenge staying home 24/7 with the husband, We also watch the birds; ie how many doves, cardinals, etc, Stay well and I can’t wait to read your novel as well. Johanna


  5. loved this last post. We, too have found a path through this sticky wicket, called Covid 19. I spin. He snoozes. I am one of those people who can’t just sit. I have to do something with my hands. So I spin, wool. I also crochet, so it works out. In between whole fleeces which have to be “skirted” (yucky bits removed), “scoured” (washed), combed (imagine hand spikes of Wolverine from the X-Men) or “carded” (brushed with two big paddles covered with 72 1/2″ pins per inch and then twisted into yarn with the use of something called a drop spindle (essentially a stick with a weight on the bottom and guess why it’s called a “drop” spindle….) When I am not spinning, I sew face masks and cook, not necessarily in that order. Once upon a time, I made soap and moisturizing face cream and brought soap nuts to the farmer’s market, but with that closed for now, I spin and sew and cook, husband snoozes, tends the yard, runs the washing machine and eats. My mom told him when we were about to get married that I was the kite, and he was the tail. True. A kite can’t fly without a tail, and the tail can’t go anywhere unless the kite flies. Like I said, it works out.

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  6. Good luck on your novel! I hear birds chirping all the time in our back yard. Maybe they are telling me Something, but I think they are loudest when our cat “paperclip” is eyeing them up. Hope Christine and I can read your novel some day. My book I wrote needs so much editing. I don’t know an editor that will help me. Hemmingway never liked to critique a friend’s book, because if he liked it he would hate them. Jealousy


  7. Claudia, I have been waiting for that Novel for I don’t know how long, but got an epidemic instead.. Maybe you could throw that and the borrowed toilet paper into the fading paragraph of the novel.. Please let Mr. Wonderful know that my wife buys
    those tiny rolls also.. Gone in lickedy split.. But I do like you listening to those beautiful birds.. By the way, did you ever get to speak with the DR. that day.. Can you tell I am bored sitting in this house!! Please keep your blogs going.. They may keep me sane!!! Hi to Mr. Wonderful.. Maybe dinner in the distant future.. Stay safe and healthy.. I really did enjoy your blog.. “C” says hi….


  8. Hey, girlfriend! I jsut finally saw this. Made me think f Chris Kluge and his artwork titled Musical Insects of the World (I think) and accompanying CD. We had it hanging in the barn, of all buggy places, but it did not travel well. Glad to enjoy your humorous observations once again!!

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