Christmas Spirit

photo-1Photo by Marshal Bradley

 May the Christmas spirit bless you and your family

Mr. Wonderful and I are headed to Albuquerque, NM to spend Christmas with our son and his family. Our daughter will fly from New York to join us. We had the same plan last year that unfortunately did not happen, because Bob had emergency surgery.

Although still recovering from pancreatic surgery in July, Bob was feeling good when he printed our boarding passes the morning of December 24th.

We were packed and ready to fly. However within an hour Bob, screaming from pain, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a perforated bowel. Surgery was scheduled for 5:30PM, and I was told to wait in radiology. The door could be locked, there was a TV and telephone. I was instructed to answer the phone should it ring.

The hospital was closing.

I am blessed to have many dear friends, one of them, Pat, came (bringing the most delicious turkey sandwich) to be by my side, and stayed until the doctor appeared to say my husband was in recovery.

Christmas Eve 2012 is one we will not forget. It was near midnight when I left the hospital, and hearing the door lock behind me, looked up to enjoy the most beautiful stars in the sky surrounded by silence and crisp clear air.

Yes, we are heading to Albuquerque and though there are no guarantees, are looking forward to spreading lots of cheer. We are extremely grateful to family, friends, and the kindness of strangers. I am especially thankful for all my readers. Thank you for making the time to read my posts, you make a difference in my life.

Merry Christmas,

                                                      Claudia . . . . just saying



20 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Claudia, Surely hope your trip this year will make up for …last year this time. I am making a visit to Fl. with a very flexible agenda in a 1989 Ford Econoline Van and two dogs. Should be in your area in Jan. sometime. Do you want to refresh updates re: phone/address for a get-together after the holidays? Lunch? Walk on the beach? Any dog parks we could hang out in for a short visit. If not convenient, just say. Nena Jobina…………leaving by the end of this week.



  2. Great Pic of a Great Couple.. Great Friends too.. Ejoy your holiday.. Don’t look back to last year!! Just Go and Do!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy it to the fullest.. We love you guys!!


  3. Claudia,

    Wishing you the best Christmas this year!! I am sure an improvement over last year!

    Hopefully we can reconnect at some point. I miss you! Working full time again in the corporate world is not really what I want to be doing – but for now it is what it is….

    Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.


    Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 21:40:03 +0000 To:


  4. This may be a little late but I have finally sat and pulled up your Christmas blog. I want you and Bob to know that I wish you both a Happy, Health New Year in 2014. I also hope you both had a wonderful Christmas. I am going to keep this blog not only for its content but for the wonderful picture that you have attached. I know it has been many years since we have seen you but it is no less wonderful to see you both looking so well and wonderfully good together. Bob we all have those great Chianese genes. Keep up the good work. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always. Love, your cousin Margaret Longobardi Collins.


    • Margaret,
      Such loving wishes can never come late. Thank you. We are looking forward to a healthy and happy New Year and want the same for you and yours. The great Chianese genes are no joke. The doctor indicated that Bob’s genetics kept the cancer contained. Love, Claudia


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