Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls

Aging & Attitude

As soon as I saw the News Journal headline “Pinup Grandmothers” Neil Sedaka’s song, “Calendar Girls” popped in my head.  You know, ” I love, I love, I love my little calendar girls, everyday of the year.” The words repeat themselves in my mind and occasionally I sing them aloud.

Disappointed with fundraising efforts for an American Legion Post kitchen renovation and inspired by the movie, “Calendar Girls” the older group of women decided to show some skin in their own calendar, Ladies of 32744, the zip code for Lake Helen, Florida. The calender sells for $16, $13 if you can pickup.

The photo of Sharon Cremen, 67, in wrapping paper and Ho! Ho! Ho! ribbon tastefully wishes us Happy Holidays in December. Miss June, Betty Pfahler, 87, draped in a wedding veil and flowers leaves you thinking great legs, and the azaleas surrounding Cindy Thomas, Miss May, in her wheelchair are spectacular.

Coincidently, the 2012 BGIRL Calendar came to my attention. These twelve, much younger women, break dance and stand on heads for a cause.  The Sisterz of the Underground raise money for the nonprofit Warehouse 508 and Young Women United in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their mission is “to support our youth…driven to inspire the young to express themselves in a positive light.” Their calender sells for $20.

Imagine both groups in the same room, what would the conversation be?

Mooxie, photographer and owner of dela Mooxie might ask, “Yo grandma, where did you get those shoes, they rock.” Or, “ your pics are crazy, who did them?”

Pat Chadwick, editor of the Lake Helen City Observer newsletter, who organized Ladies of 32744 might inquire of BGIRL Jleigh, Ms. January, “Where can I buy those black lace leggings; we could use them next year. Tell Sarow, Ms. August, “We never considered feathers in our hair. It is a nice subtle touch.” Or ask Marie, Ms. March, “Does standing on your head give you a headache?”

How could women so different and have much in common?

They are women; mothers, dancers, sisters, writers, wives, accountants, significant others, photographers, daughters, aunts, teachers, and entrepreneurs.  You get the picture.

These women are the same. The times are different.

The oldest generation, women in their eighties, dreamed of marriage, children, and family, having little choice of career.

Women in their sixties, Baby Boomers, dreamed of marriage, children, and family, but also career and had more choices. It was exhausting trying to have it all.

Gen X, the next generation ( born between 1960 and 1980), set goals for a dream career and marriage, children, and family waited.

Generation Y  is encouraged to dream for themselves and dreams of marriage are separate from job and career.  Family enhances not defines their life.

Close your eyes and hear the happy banter, curiosity and encouragement they share and Neil Sedaka still singing, “I love, I love, I love my little calendar girls everyday of the year.”

                                                      ….Just Saying

6 thoughts on “Calendar Girls

  1. Claudia,

    Another master piece.. Claudia, you should be on the cover of that calendar… I would pay $40.00 if you were.. I can still see and hear Neil singing his song.. You totally amaze me with your style of writing..


  2. With times much harder for our children I see a real swing back to family as the center of their lives since the jobs don’t live up to the expectations…..Family done right will never let you down.
    I love the idea of women being beautiful into their eighties….I look forward to being there….Thanks for just saying!!!!


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