What Do You Want For Christmas?


What You Want For Christmas?

Aging & Attitude

“What do you want for Christmas?” Mr. Wonderful* inquires, walking into the kitchen wearing drawstring athletic shorts, his toes protruding through open toed sandals, and cheaters sliding off his nose.

“You mean besides World Peace” I quip.

“No, seriously what do you want for Christmas?”

“Jobs for the unemployed would be nice.”

“You’re the one who wants packages under the tree, think about it.”

And I do.

I want it to be 1958 and wake to a shiny blue two-wheeler and bride doll. The air crisp, sharp enough that your nose hair freeze, the sun strong and no wind on Long Island. Santa left the same Schwinn bike for my sister, Mariellen, an English Racer with handbrakes for Victor, my brother.  I ride in circles, periodically going in the house to coax my brother and sister into joining me. They will not, but I am determined to hold on to my joy.

I want it to be 1971. Mr. Wonderful dressed in full Santa costume, white beard and black belt, drives the New York State Thruway, waving at cars and greeting toll booth attendants with Ho, Ho, Ho.

I want it to be 1977. My son wears PJ’s, a blue robe, belted and slippers, his face aglow at the Fisher Price garage Santa left. His sister wears a hand me down Santa infant suit, her arms flapping, matching his excitement.

I want it to be 1985 and a white German Shepard dog does not bark once during the night to wake our kids. He kept his surprise til Christmas morning.

I want it to be 2003. It snows all day, continuing into the night, creating a spectacular White Christmas our daughter’s Southern guest marvels.  We troll the unplowed streets of Newton after midnight, make angles in the snow, sleep late and eat dinner in our pajamas.

I want those simple uncomplicated times.

But were they?

Christmas greeting cards scotched taped around a door frame were fancy decorations. I could decorate the entire house, wrap the presents, and bake cookies, all the same day.

Last week it took one day to unbox the artificial tree and determine if plug A really went into socket E. Only one small section of lights is not working. We turned it towards the wall. Days two and three were spent putting on the ornaments, up and down the ladder, watching not to fall.

I am not the only one getting older, facing the challenge of aging; everyone else is too.

So this year, we are all going to Disney.

                                                                                                  ….Just Saying

*Mr. Wonderful is my husband of forty years

10 thoughts on “What Do You Want For Christmas?

  1. Sounds as if we were in the same places but we wern’t, being that I lived in Florida all my life. Snow never fell but the memories were very simular.. How wonderful those days were.. My dad was a mailman and recieved cash presents from the people on his route.. This is how Christmas was paid for.. To this day, I leave a cash present for the mailman.. Guess what, I still leave out cookies and milk for Santa. And every Christmas morning they have disappeared except for the crumbs..I am still a believer–..
    Please tell Mr. Wonderful That I think he is a wonderful Santa in his own mind!! Merry Christmas.. Ho, Ho, Ho.. And to his Queen Bee, I wish you snow and happiness this Christmas season..


  2. Aren’t memories wonderful things, the sights, smells and tastes of Christmas bring back so many things and so many people that are no longer with us…..This is one of the reasons we can’t let go of our traditions and CHRISTMAS…..Mary


  3. What a wonderful post! I was right there in each year with you as I read. I think 1985 was my favorite when the dog kept its surprise. Or 2003 when the southern guests marveled. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories.


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