About Me

Aging & Attitude…. just saying

About Me

My husband and I retired and moved to Florida from New Jersey in 2007.  One day driving to Altamonte Springs, and stopped at a traffic light beside a 1985 Ford truck, I became caught up in the world of Cheetah Girl, the driver. She wore a top ripped in the right places, serious fake nails and elaborate makeup. Her leather faced mom, a former woman of the jungle, sat next to her. Both were smoking.

It was a call to write, and I have been practicing since.

Blogging is fun and a way to go public with my efforts. Your comments can help navigate my journey on the winding road of aging.

Initially my posts will be weekly then twice weekly, building towards daily.  They will average around 500 words of a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  •           Something funny or LOL Laugh Out Loud
  •           Something new I’ve learned
  •           Something about travel, Italy, or a day trip in Florida
  •           Something about health, I have Type I Diabetes and use an insulin pump.
  •             Something about Woman’s issues   


Education, Professional, Published  

  •          BS Degree in Education State University College at Oneonta, New York
  •          MS Degree Lehman College Bronx, New York  
  •          Worked in Sales and Education  
  •           Published  Florida Writer’s Association, “ Let’s Talk Anthology”  2011








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