No Time To Write

Optokentic and Optomobility

It’s true . . . I really don’t have time to write.

Today, the one hundredth and twenty-fifth day of the year, is a typical example.

Having slept well, I woke chipper and chanting, thank you God. Then, prepared coffee and my favorite breakfast, an English muffin with cherry jelly. I gathered my phone; computer, clipboard and the right pen and pencil, and sat outside to enjoy the morning air and Wordle.

On the first attempt, I had 3 correct letters, none in the right place. One hour later, I had 3 letters in their right spot, but was still missing two correct letters. So, I asked my husband for help. However, we were interrupted when a pint of blueberries fell to the kitchen floor. Sweeping them up was like playing blueberry pool, and yes, I rinsed and put them in the box. None of them had been squashed.

 I can’t remember what time it was but, a downpour occurred, and I scurried outside to retrieve my phone, computer, clipboard and right pen and pencil from being soaked.

I was frazzled and hadn’t brushed and flossed, yet.

Do you own a toothbrush recommended by your dentists with a timer? I live in fear of his eyebrows being raised on my next visit.

Another reason I don’t have time to write is doctor’s appointments.        

For years I believed Vertigo and/or sinus infections were the cause of my incurable balance issues. Turns out, it’s not just vertigo that causes my wobble walk, but Optokentic and Optomobility.

What is that?

To put in layman talk . . .dancing eyes. I my case, it’s my right eye that flutters and sends a mixed message to my brain. Consequently, my legs don’t know which way to go.

The cure? Watching Youtube videos of strolling through a grocery store or Muir Woods, without moving my head.

I am optimistic there will be some relief.

The last reason I don’t have time to write?

I have an editor/publisher for Morningside Drive, the novel I have been working on for ten years!


                                                                                      . . . just saying

P.S. I hope things are going well at your house.

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