Who Is Beat Kahil?

10,000-Home Park Project Moving Ahead

This morning’s headline, “10,000-home Avalon Park project moving ahead” in our local newspaper turned my stomach.

The article, written by Clayton Park, informed us that, Beat Kahil, the developer, is predicting confidently, he’ll break ground for this massive project in Daytona Beach some time in 2023.

Predicting confidently? I can only imagine what that implies.

And ten thousand more homes is not what our area needs. We are over developed now.

Who is Beat Kahil? The name sounds fictitious to me.

A Googled search revealed the picture above and the information below.

Today’s article was nothing but favorable. No mention of the environmental impact, stripping the trees, changed zoning, or the strain on our hospitals and schools. The tone of the article hailed this developer’s achievement and success. Evidently he turned Orlando into a parking lot, not too long ago.

The article does discuss: building permits issued in 2021 by the City of Daytona, traffic concerns detailed by Maryam Ghyabi, the Ormond Beach engineering and transportation planning consultant chairing the LPGA Coalition and the fact that water and sewer services for Avalon Park Daytona Beach will be provided by the City of Ormond Beach.

All that happen while we were sleeping.

Nevertheless, Beat Kahil is confidently predicting his vision to create an entire town, will begin in 2023.

I’m confidently predicting it will be our worst nightmare.

. . . just saying

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(Orlando, FL (September 30, 2020) – Kahli Holding AG, the Swiss holding company founded by Beat Kahli, who is also President and CEO of Avalon Park Group, has acquired a 20% stake in VOXX International Corporation (Nasdaq: VOXX) over the past 6 months, making the group the largest shareholder.  VOXX is a global leader in consumer electronics, high definition audio, automotive security, and mobile entertainment systems.

Beat Kahli explains that it has always been his philosophy to diversify the company’s holdings and assets, while the primary line of business for Avalon Park Group is real estate development.  “Over the past several months I have seen the creativity VOXX has had in navigating the current economic climate and am optimistic for the future of the company,” said Kahli. “As an Entrepreneur, I am always looking to add diversity to our portfolio with companies that show ingenuity and promise.”

Avalon Park Group has a current development pipeline of over $3 billion.  The addition of the VOXX stake brings additional diversity to the industries already under the company’s umbrella.

About VOXX International Corporation
Established in 1960, VOXX has since grown into a worldwide leader in Automotive Electronics and Consumer Electronics, with emerging Biometrics technology to capitalize on the increased need for advanced security. Over the past several decades, VOXX has built market-leading positions in in-vehicle entertainment, automotive security, a number of premium audio market segments, and consumer accessories with a portfolio of over 30 trusted brands such as Audiovox, ASA Electronics, Vehicle Safety Holdings, Eyelock, and Klipsch, the #1 premium loudspeaker brand in the audio market. VOXX is a global company, with an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, mass merchandisers, 12-volt specialists, and many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

About Avalon Park Group

Avalon Park Group is a uniquely diversified family of companies engaged in businesses ranging from master-planned community development to home building, mining, and property management, in Florida, Texas, Switzerland Singapore and Australia. With more than $1 billion in total assets, Avalon Park Group combines its exceptional reputation, sound business experience, and significant financial resources to invest in extraordinary opportunities. At Avalon Park Group, our mission is to change the way the world lives, learns, works, and plays through creating healthy sustainable communities and every aspect thereof.

Beat Kähli founded Avalon Park Group Management, Inc.

He is Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Park Group Management, Inc.

and President for SITEX Properties USA, Inc.

He is also on the board of VOXX International Corp.