Soap That Grows On Trees

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    Have you heard of soap nuts? I had not until Sarah Meyer drew my attention at the Farmer’s Market. Sarah, a licensed Massage Therapist, is giving back to the environment by promoting the cleaning product, and quite a salesperson.

Her tag line, the soap that grows on trees, grabs you.

It conjured up a strong visual image of Floridians shaking their native Sapindus Marginatus tree before doing laundry. Needless to say, I bought a package of soap nuts for $7.25 that Sarah placed in a brown environmentally friendly bag, and included a sheet of  “recipes for cleaning…your laundry, face, car, hair, baby, dog or cat…if you dare”.

I left excited to brew my batch of liquid concentrate.

Soap nuts are actually not nuts. They are berries that contain saponin, a natural soap that is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The trees grow right here in the USA in the states of Florida and South Carolina and in India and Nepal.

Sara recommends using three tablespoons of soap tree concentrate per wash load.  The three bags of soap nuts will produce enough liquid concentrate for forty-five washes at a coast of fifteen cents a load.

I Googled soap nuts looking for more information and found Greener Living, a company that pitched their product on the Canadian television show Dragon’s Den and consequently picked by Brett Wilson.

Greener Living sells a 32 oz liquid detergent for $16.99 that washes sixty-four loads, a mere twenty-six cents a load. Add the shipping, $7.49, and the cost rises to forty cents per load. There were some special offers and orders $99.00 or more, ship free.

Sara’s soap nuts are cheaper but the boiled liquid should be refrigerated and used in ten days. Liquid can be frozen and I thought about buying an ice cube tray, guessing one or two cubes equal to three tablespoons.

I did a large white wash using three tablespoons of my new brew, and pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and fresh scent. The nuts and liquid do have a slight cider vinegar smell.

Thank you Sarah Meyer!

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