Poetry; How I’m Doing?

Photo by Sasha Prasastika on Pexels.com

Some Explaining to Do

Zipping along, writing without a clue . . . The words flew

A minor dental procedure was the first undo

Follow by pain in my hip, x-rays and a walker too

Then vertigo . . .boo-hoo . . . once the crystal where out

There was something else to do

Physical therapy not to walk like a drunk

Add to the stew . . . cataract surgery.

And . . . there’s still more explaining to do?

But I’m not feeling blue and please don’t you.

. . . just saying

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12 thoughts on “Poetry; How I’m Doing?

  1. Claudia, if this is really your story, I hope you are feeling much better! All these things hitting at once – no fun. Always love it when you are blogging.


    • Chris, Yes I’ve had some health challenges and wanted to comment about posting often and then not . . . Faithful readers, like yourself and your encouragement keep me writing. Nice to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving, Claudia


  2. No such thing as golden years
    The years we get now we are greatful for
    We cherish and hold dear our grown children and grandchildren as they now head in the direction of the “Next In Line.”
    I say good for us we did a good job and we leave them strong, well adjusted in life and able to think for themselves.
    Love you.


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