Halloween Pictures

Linwood Ave

I remember Halloween Parties at our home on Linwood Avenue in Newton, New Jersey. The kids lined the walkway to view the adult only arrival. The partying probably started in 1984, and continued for about ten years.

The pictures are in no order and some of the best may be missing. Where are you Clark Kent?

My favorite of Bob, my husband as Mr. T cannot be found.

We had party crashers, one who in costume scared several women and was asked to leave unless he revealed his true identity.

Some day I’ll make a photobook.

. . . . just saying,

Happy Halloween

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7 thoughts on “Halloween Pictures

  1. Hi, Claudia. Thank you for liking my current post. I like your blog title and posts I’ve seen and have just signed on. (I’m yet another blogger with years of writing experience, by the way.)

    But how is it that people who don’t come through WP can comment? I didn’t think others could.


    • Annie, I believe they can> Scroll down to the comment box, put in comment and post or save. I have my settings to approve comments. I might be wrong. If you sent your blog post to facebook, viewers can comment on FB, too.
      I enjoyed your blog as well and follow others who I want to continue reading. .


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